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Guide Requests [ongoing]

I love UO but due to my IRL schedule, I’m forced to be an extremely casual gamer (like 4-hours a week casual.) So I tend to lack detailed knowledge of the game, especially when it comes to customized shards. That being said, I would like to suggest some guides I believe players would benefit from. If any of you find yourself willing and able to complete any of the following guides, please reply here with a link and I'll update my post accordingly.

I'll admit I haven't kept up to date with these forums, even though I play Outlands regularly. So my guide requests will have to wait.
BUT... it would be AWESOME if skill-training guides could be vetted/certified by staff and then linked to the wiki descriptions of said skill. Just imagine how streamlined it would be when you browse the wiki to see how certain skills differ here, then see a training guide attached.
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