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Guide Requests [ongoing]

I love UO but due to my IRL schedule, I’m forced to be an extremely casual gamer (like 4-hours a week casual.) So I tend to lack detailed knowledge of the game, especially when it comes to customized shards. That being said, I would like to suggest some guides I believe players would benefit from. If any of you find yourself willing and able to complete any of the following guides, please reply here with a link and I'll update my post accordingly.


- Monster Tiers (ie: weakest mongbats to the baddest bosses).
A) Spawn locations
B) Loot tables, avg. gold
C) Boss tactics

- Housing (I'm sure staff will provide this eventually, but if not...)
A) Price
B) Lockdowns / Secures
C) Dimensions
D) Placement rules such as spacing from objects, between houses, multiple doors, etc.

- Dungeon Guides (slight overlap with Monster Tier guide)
A) Mobs found on each level
B) Moongates or ankhs within
C) Any other pertinent information

- UO Steam User Guide
A) Beginners Guide
B) PvP Settings & Macros
C) Pro Tips


- Individual Skill Training
http://forums.uooutlands.com/index.php?threads/skill-gain.267/ [Completed by @jaedan ]

*This post is a work in progress...
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