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GUIDE Guide to GM Taming - Dungeon Based Taming

The journey to GM Taming on Outlands:

I will start with this. I am a casual gamer, I usually can get 5 hours a week in for gaming. However most of my gaming experience is often interrupted or broken up into 15 – 30 minutes here and there. This guide is the route I took to GM taming. It took me approximately 36 hours over the course of 28 days to accomplish. This guide is solely dungeon based taming.

Taming on Outlands was actually a pretty wonderful experience. The addition of passive taming gains made grinding taming way less painful. I was able to enjoy and a handful of dungeons and a good portion of them as well. In addition, taming is a completely viable skill and costs you absolutely nothing to start. The end results will net you about 6-10k gold for farming per hour depending on your location and spawns.

One of the mistakes I made early on was not properly banking my passive gains. Currently the system allows for you to gain .1 passive gains when you gain .1 active gains. Passive gains are used when you decide to hunt with your tamed animals and kill higher tiered beasts. However, if you gain .1 active taming and succeed on the tamed animal the best thing to do is just kill off your success or current tame while it’s still tamed. This will bank your .1 passive gain.

So why bank passive gains? At each tier level of beast to tame or +5 taming, the goal is to find a new beast that starts directly at that level. For example 50,55,60,65 etc. When you start a new monster with the most minimal taming most of the time it is a 1-2% chance to tame. This is great for you because failures are key. It reduced the amount you have to run around and find something to tame. Therefore you’re gaining skill attempts on your failed tames. Each .1 skill gain adds to your success chance. Therefore if you bank the max 2.5 passive points, at 52.5, 57.5, 62.5 etc. All you would need to do is hunt for 2.5 gains and you’re at the next tier. This would drop your passive gains back down to 0 and you can rinse and repeat. From probably 50-60 I did this solely active taming with a few passive points gained here and there. I walked around constantly at 2.5 passive bank before I realized I wasn’t being effective. In addition, I thought there was a skill gain boost to taming in the noob dungeon BUT THERE IS NOT. So now that we know the passive bank, I am sure I can reduce the time of taming from 36 hours to less. With this being said, the day I GM’s taming Outlands made skill gain success rate 25% harder for taming. (Currently I am advocating reducing it to a 10% increase in skill gain difficulty instead of 25%)

Outlands has done an amazing job at having so many tamables so you will see as we travel through each level multiple beasts that I was taming. These beasts were picked by location (How fast could I get to the current location and start taming since there is not really recall in or out of the dungeon) and by suitability of my toon staying alive by other aggro.
My Template: Music, Peace, Magery, Animal Taming, Animal Lore, Tracking, Vet.
This template is strictly for PvM / Farming. I started with 49 magery, 50 Taming, 1 peace. This character was truly made from scratch. I put the 50k starting gold in the trash and set out on my way. I grinded all of the skills and even afk macro’d a handful as well.

So we begin:

50-55: Mongbat, Colossal Frog (Noob).
My suggestion is to stick with the Colossal Frog, they are passive beasts and are in a room with Corpsers you can send them to their death rather quickly and won’t have to worry about being attacked by the Corpsers if you position yourself correctly.

55-60: Firebat, Flamehound (Inferno), Colossal Frog, Familair, Corpse Eater (Noob).
I would alternate between Inferno and Noob Dungeon, as a starting character youll need some gold. While the gold drops in Noob Dungeons aren’t anything to get excited for they are better in Inferno. Just remember though the beasts hit a lot harder.

60-65: Firebat, Flamehound, Fire Salamander (Inferno) , Colossal Frog, Giant Spider, Familiar, Corpse Eater (Noob).
At this point Inferno is starting to become your spot to tame and make a little gold. The Noob dungeon is great because the spawn rate seems to be a lot faster so you can constantly actively tame and kill off your tames very quickly.

65-70: Firebat, Flamehound, Fire Salamander, Fire Lizard, Embear (Inferno), Giant Scorpion, Fire Ant (Ossuary)
Hopefully you have built up a good base of skills, maybe even AFK Macro’d some if you were able but its time to venture out of the noob dungeon and start making some decent gold. There is still plenty of options in the noob dungeon and the spawn is rather quick but I needed to start making a little bit of gold and really start focusing on magery gains.

70-75: Flamehound, Fire Salamander, Fire Lizard, Embear, Searing Mantis (Inferno), Giant Scorpion, Fire Ant, Scarab, Cave Bat (Ossuary).
Inferno is the spot to be, the gains will be rapid in here at this point, nearly everything on the first level is tameable for you. You can start at the beginning and tame nearly everything on your way to level 2. 70-75 was the fastest 5 points I gained I believe because of all the options as well as passive gains for the sporadic things I couldn’t tame on level 1.

75-80: Flamehound, Fire Salamander, Fire Lizard, Embear , Searing Mantis (Inferno), Cave Bat (Ossuary).
This round again I bounced between Inferno and Ossuary. I focused on the above creatures but in Ossuary I could still tame fireants, scarab, scorpion, giant scorpion for points. I just jumped to the Cave Bats because I would also kill the skeletal dragons for gold drops while I was there. It is around this time I was looking for a little PvM and was getting a little burned out of taming BUT little did I know right around the corner was another quick 5 points. 75-80 outside of the grind between 90-100 took the longest for me to achieve.

80-85: Fire Salamander, Fire Lizard, Embear, Searing Mantis , Searing Imp (Inferno), Cave Bat (Ossuary), Drake Whelp (Nusero).
Back to Inferno I went. You cannot beat the amount of tameables that are present on level 1. You can literally start just past the firebats and flamehounds on the Searing Imp. From the Searing Imps all the way to Level 2 you can tame nearly everything in your path for gains. The gains will be fast and the gold will drop a plenty. Again it was even during this time that I wasn’t banking my passive points properly.

85-90: Drake Whelp, Drake (Nusero).
Nusero provided quite the reprieve and change of pace for taming. I felt as though I was getting somewhere finally getting to Drakes. Making your way to level 2 is easy and quick. I ran a circuit between all of the drakes on level 2, taming everything in my path that I could.

90-95: Drake Whelp, Drake, Dragon Whelp, Flame Purger (Nusero), Stinger, Devilbat (Petram)
I bounced between Nusero and Mt. Petram. In Mt. Petram there is a gold gate near the Stinger spawn. This was great for recalling in and focusing on Stingers for fails and then leaving to goto Nusero if I beat the respawn and was standing around twiddling my thumbs.

95-100: Drake, Drake Whelp, Dragon Whelp, Dragon, (Nusero) Stinger, Devil Bat (Mt. Petram), Aegis Imp (Aegis Keep).
I started off on Dragons and quickly realized it would be too much work to try and focus on Dragons. They hit too hard and I was constantly just working too hard to deal with spawns etc. The Aegis Imp is key to your success from 95-100. Near the stairs to level 2 is where you want to be. There are 4 Aegis Imps that spawn in separate locations. In addition, the Blood Ape is nearby and Wolfhound if you beat out the respawn for some reason. Youll burn a couple passive taming points killing off some other non tameable spawn but this area is worth it as youll get some gold for continuing to work on magery.

100 Taming – You made it Congratulations. Should have grinded it in Beta to get yourself a robe.

I am sure there will be better routes to take to GM and better guides as the server progresses and Overland is spawned. This is the route that I took and all of my notes that came along with the journey.
This is excellent stuff, really gives me a handle on how the system was done here, and I really like the concept of the passive gains, and banking them.. It'd really break up the monotony of just straight taming, as you can mix in fighting at the same time without feeling you aren't being efficient in gaining your taming.. on other servers, the goal is to tame till GM, then make use of your character... Here's it's quite the opposite, it's refreshing.