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PATCH Guild and PvP Testing Patch

i think pure archers could be awesome if the low damage was emd was bumped one or two damage per wood color.. but i think 2-3 archers together would be awesome and they are fun guiild hunting . solo i found it super slow and too much kiting . i added stealth back on this week and it helps solve the high ammo cost issues for me and reduced the kiting. i probably will keep stealth until im higher water tier.

i deleted my original posts since i hadnt had a chance to play in a while until last night. stealth seems to be more fun now than a few months ago on my non optimal stealth build . pure archer for me just is still too slow (missing or low damage spikes) for solo but it is great with tamer friends to hinder (still the pets whipe them out before i get 3-4 arrows off)
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One more thing - any chance the struggle ruleset can be alternated? Not sure on if day by day or week by week, but due to time constraints many people can only make 1 struggle a day (if that!) and at a certain time between home/dinner and sleep. That means they only ever get to do mounted or unmounted other than weekends.