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Healing in this shard is totally useless, an action of healing is not enough to withstand an attack by a magician.
A magician is able to throw 4 spells before you get to heal.
should implement another type of healing, example that heal you first and then wait
You can heal with Magery too
I understand that I can heal with potions or magic, but that makes templates obsolete.
I do not say that this evil that you can heal with potions or magery.
What I'm saying is that healing is wrong, the skill should be better.
I hope they understand me


Healing, as a viable health replenishment skill, has always been about timing. You learn in time that if you are at 60 HP and your bandage timer still has 7 seconds left that you need to retreat a bit or slurp down a tasty yellow beverage. There are other little tricks too, like popping a pouch to start a bandage when you know you will get dumped on in a few seconds. Similarly, you learn that you need to break line of sight, learn to switch between a heavy weapon and an interrupt weapon, or bring some friends if you going to run off and fight a bunch of magic users.

The skill seems fine to me. It restores more HPs than any other method (except may an alchemist with heal pots?). It is relatively cheap. You can carry hundreds of life saving scraps of cloth (bandages). You can also use it in conjunction with potions or magic to increase your survivability. The healing skill is a tool, and as with most tools you'll need to use it effectively to achieve a positive outcome.
Well said @Siv, I read in another post you aren't good at this game, I find it hard to believe after reading this post.

@nOtAr consider the flip side, mages are limited by mana, those 4 spells cast leave them with next to no mana, if they couldn't kill you in 4 spells because your timer was quicker (which I find hard to believe unless you were wearing plate and they used mind blast or you have 0 magic resist), then a mage would have zero chance against you, once his mana is spent he waits 60 seconds while trying to avoid your attacks to get his mana back, everytime you hit him, he then has to heal, expending more mana...
Healing on UOOutlands is in its most overpowered state than any shard I have ever played on. Finger slips don't do anything, anatomy isn't even required for big heals.

A lot of people don't understand how to abuse healing mechanics at all. Most people simply let their bandage timer tick down and heal, in PvP you should be cycling your timer nonstop and never let it go off until you are sure you are ready to heal. For example, you have taken 25 damage from an ebolt. You have bandages ticking with 3 seconds to go and you are playing a warrior with 100 healing and 80 anatomy. There is absolutely 0 reason to let that bandage finish, in fact, I would go ahead and restart that bandage timer right away so that it is burning down on the next bandage timer, this is even truer if you have greater heal pots ready to use.

Let's say you restart that bandage and now you get hit by a halberd for 35 damage, you are going to be around 89-25-35 = 29/89 points of life. Now is the time to drink a heal pot, putting you back into the 40-50/89 point range. Again now you are comfortably safe and have a bandage probably within 3-4 seconds away. Time to kite for a few seconds to avoid another melee hit, and to get out of spell range. Now, wait until your bandages are almost done in the last few seconds drink a strength pot to recover from the weaken spell, which shoots you back to 109, and your bandage finishes and you heal from 50ish to 100-109 points. Now equip your magic wizard hat and unequip it or pop a pouch, and start another bandage right away.

This is the life of a pure dexer. Constantly cycling bandage timers and waiting for crucial moments to never waste gheal pots when they are not needed.

Remember that at 120 dex bandages are 9 seconds. It is extremely hard to take enough damage in 9 seconds to die, except versus multiple people, and then even with gheal pots and a bit of kiting you should be fine for the initial dump, in which case you now have the advantage.

Personally, if I am on a dexer, it is always a dexer with magery because I prefer to be able to greater heal when the enemy cast a spell if I am low life.
many ppl, in fact everyone with any sense, have been complaining about greater healing for 35. it got buffed rightfully so. it doesn't keep getting buffed, it got buffed once, rightfully so, to heal for as much as it should and does on most if not all other servers. i dont think there is a single server where you greater heal for only 35.
meanwhile, as Yu the Sorceress already explained, bandages are stronger already on outlands than anywhere else.
El problema es que están cerrados en un sistema de recuperación, ojalá cambie todo el sistema para que no sea como en todos los demás servidores.
Sería ideal, ya que este servidor es totalmente personalizado. Sería ideal que nada pertenezca a otros para que sea único.
Pero al cambiar el sistema de curación, estoy más que seguro de que muchos llorarán (se quejarán).
From nOtAr:
"The problem is that they are closed in a recovery system, hopefully change the whole system so that it is not like in all other servers.
It would be ideal, since this server is totally personalized. Ideally, nothing belongs to others to be unique.
But by changing the healing system, I am more than certain that many will cry (complain)."

The problem is, if you make a huge change to bandage timers or amounts (which btw are high on bandages already), you change the entire landscape for PvP and how it works, literally making it impossible for a dexxer to be killed, when currently they are already extremely hard to kill. What many don't realize who don't PvP in UO, is that UO is, was never about standing and face tanking damage, they try to do that, and die every time and think their class is broken. It's an ebb and flow to the fight, jousting, burst damage, then kite, take chances when you've got more HP than your opponent, and go in for the kill. It's as much about the cat and mouse, the dancing around your opponents trying to avoid attacks, or off screening a bursty mage, as it is about dealing damage yourself.
the theme "The battle dance" I know I've done pvp on every server I've played.
but my suggestion is about the healing system.
As I said, it is a change that many complaints make because they are already used to that system.
If you've done PvP on every server you've played, you'd understand that a dexxer owns a mage:
  • You'd understand if you pop a pouch, and engage at 50% bandy timer, then your cutting the mages dump in the middle and he can't kill you.
  • You'd understand that if you chug a heal pot, there's a good chance the mage can't kill you with all his mana
    • though the finally fixed the RNG of damage, and slightly raised the avg ebolt dmg up so it's more consistent so maybe this isn't true anymore
  • You'd understand that all you have to do is step outside of 11 tiles, while the mage is rooted to the ground casting, and he can't dump that third or forth spell on you
A mage can't do crap as they don't have sustained damage, they have to stop to cast, so therefore its simple to beat a mage as a dexxer.
Like you focus on the pvp nothing else, I focus on a custom system.
the cure is not only used in the pvp also in the pvm, I would like to see that you have your custom system and when you resuscitate it will take half of your life something like that. because the only change that has is that the cure is high nothing more
I know there is a little bit of a language barrier here, I'm really trying to understand what your talking about, but I'm lost.

With that said I focus on the PvP side, because on the PvM side, healing is already more than OP - you can also increase healing with water aspect, and reduce the need for healing with Resist & Parry.. Most of my PvM templates I don't even take healing, and the one Parry/Resist tank I did run, I ran 80 healing, 80 resist, 80 parry, and no anatomy, because I didn't feel the 20% bonus anatomy gives healing was worth while, when a bandage already heals 40-60 health as a base, increased up to 40% with water aspect.
No tomé en cuenta esta información, pero aún así no me gusta mucho el sistema de curación y también parece excesivo curar de 40 a 60.
Debería curar menos y tener menos tiempo de espera es algo que espero que los desarrolladores cambien en algún momento.