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Hear ye! Hear ye! 5 Prevalia coins for player guides of the highest quality!


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Fellow Outlanders,

In celebration of the official opening of our lands a month from now, I have received word from Queen Xadia of Prevalia.

"Citizens of the fair kingdom of Prevalia and beyond. Despite the dark days in which we live, I see hope for the future. New adventurers and returning travellers arrive in our lands every day. I believe that together, we will drive back the forces of the Outlands from our gates, and create a new golden age of civilisation to again span the entirety of our land. However - many of these new arrivals are weak from their travels. For some, it has been many years since they were last seen in our lands. For others, they are too young to remember that which has gone before. To this end, I seek support from those experienced in the ways of this land."

"For every tome published here as a guide of great quality, I shall reward the author with 5 Prevalian coins when the true influx of new arrivals begins, one month from now."

- Queen Xadia.

For every guide posted here and judged to be of sufficient quality, you will be rewarded with 5 Prevalia coins on the opening of the server on the 27th of October.

For examples of the kind of quality expected, look here, here & here.
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A couple of suggestions for guides:

Player templates (PvM, PvP)
Beginner's guide to the Outlands
Basic Macros & Assistant Use
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Can the guides be of a comedy type? Because I, for one, would love to write an extensive and compelling guide on the art of tree hugging that some might find entertaining. As for it's usefulness, well that might be debatable. Mind you though, I am talking exclusively about Sosarian trees here. Not their Earth shard counterparts.

Also, can there be more than one guide on a certain subject? Because I saw the notion of a roleplay guide but would also love to write one myself. Oh and this would be an extensive guide, not just a small summary on how to properly roleplay a tree hugging carpenter. Oh no! I'd also throw in a whole section on how a fisherman could roleplay organising an imaginary tea party with the fish he may have caught and the exact benefits of roleplaying with specific colours of fish on said tea party (so that those who enjoy roleplaying a fish so not feel left out if they accidentally chose to roleplay a pink fish with purple spots).

Ok, might read this back in a few hours when the reefer wears off. In any case, the possibilities for new guides are endless!!
Playing UO Outlands in Linux using WINE

This guide will help you install and play UO Outlands if you run the Linux operating system. It may or may
not work with other platforms that can use WINE (MacOS, FreeBSD, etc.) but I have no way of testing
these platforms.

Installing WINE

Use your operating system's package manager to install wine and the winetricks program. This will be
different for some Linux distributions. For instance, on a Ubuntu system, one would issue the command:

$ sudo apt install wine winetricks

On a Fedora system, the command would be:

$ sudo dnf install wine winetricks

As for the version of WINE to install, I am using wine-3.17-staging directly from the winehq.org website.
This is a very bleeding-edge version of wine that I need for other, more graphically intensive games. I
am guessing that any moderately-recent version of WINE that comes with your distribution will work, but
I have not tested any other versions. Ultima Online is an old game that should give you no problems
under a recent WINE version.

Installing .NET 4.0

The UO Outlands installer/patcher requires .NET 4.0 from Microsoft. The easiest way to install these
support libraries is to use the winetricks command that you installed in the previous step. To use
winetricks, just call it from the command line (do NOT use sudo):

$ winetricks

A window will pop up in your graphical user interface. If you want to set up a separate $WINEPREFIX for
UO Outlands, you may do so here, but it is optional and not in the scope of this guide.

  1. Choose "Select the default wineprefix" and click OK.
  2. Select "Install a Windows DLL or component" and click OK.
  3. Scroll down the list of available components and select "dotnet40" and click OK.
At this point, winetricks will "do it's thing" and install .NET 4.0 for you. You are now ready to install
UO Outlands!

Installing UO Outlands

At this point, it's as easy as running the UO Outlands installer using WINE:

$ wine ./OutlandsUO.exe

The UO Outlands client should download all of the client files for you, and you're ready to go! Use
your desktop environment to run UO Outlands in the future!

Feel free to contact me with any problems or additions to this guide. Have fun!
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