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Houses (Revised 7/17)


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Here is a preview of the housing available for Outlands.

There are currently 153 housing options to choose from.

At present, we don't plan on having custom housing.

Cost, number of secures and lockdown information to come in the near future.

Gypsy Wagon (S)

Gypsy Wagon (E)

Small Stone and Plaster House

Small Wooden House

Small Thatch House

Small Field Stone House

Small Wood and Plaster House

Small Brick House

Small Andarian Stone House (S)

Small Andarian Stone House (E)

Small Lightstone House

Small Shingled House

Small Frontier Cabin

Small Brick and Plaster House

Small Red Brick House

Wooden Lookout


Eight by Stone and Slate

Eight by Sandstone and Shingle

Eight by Stone (E)

Eight by Marble

Eight by Lightstone and Beam

Eight by Wooden Eyelid

Eightby Fieldstone and Plaster

Sandstone Stained Glass Villa

Eight by Wooden (S)

Small Stone Workshop

Small Marble Workshop

Small Stone Tower (S)

Marble Redoubt

Eight by Red Brick

Red Brick Steeple

Sandstone Patio

Desert Tower

2 Story VIlla

Large Brick House

Large Wooden House

2 Story Wood and Plaster

Two Story Stone and Plaster

Large House with Patio

Marble House with a Patio

Sandstone Fort

Cambrian Sandstone Cellar

Cambrian Large Single Story

Cambrian City Shoppe

Cambrian Great Hall

Cambrian Villa

Cambrian Residence with Balcony

Cambrian Fortified Villa

Cambrian Villa with Balcony

Cambrian Manor

Cambrian Pillared Manor

Cambrian Farmstead

Sandstone Chateau

Sandstone Citadel

Sandstone Redoubt

Palisade Single Story

Palisade Tower

Palisade Scout Tower

Palisade Keep

Palisade Fortress

FIeldstone and Plaster Shoppe

Fieldstone and Plaster Shoppe 2

Rural Shoppe

Rural Courtyard Shoppe

Andarian Veranda (E)

Andarian Barn

Farmlands Cabin with Cellar

Rural Cottage

Farmlands L-Shape

Rural Villa

Andarian Merchant's Villa

Andarian Two Story L-Shape with Porch

Andarian Two Story

Fieldstone and Plaster Courtyard


Farmland Two Story L-Shape

Andarian Simple Wood & Plaster

Fieldstone and Shingle L-Shape

Andarian Two Story Brick & Plaster

Andarian T-Shape

Andarian Residence

Andarian Abode

Andarian Merchant's Residence

Andarian Mercantile Guildhouse

Greybrick Residence

Andarian Sloped Roof Lighstone & Plaster

Spired Slate and Plaster Two Story

Metropolitan Apartment

Mage's Tower

Andarian Villa with Tower

Andarian Villa

Rural Barn

Fieldstone and Slate Covered Porch

Fieldstone and Slate L-Shape

Woodsman's Lodge

Small Frontier Cabin

Log Cabin

Frontier Retreat

Large Frontier House

Frontier Shoppe

Landau's Lodge

Frontier Two Story Slate Roof

Frontier Slate Roof Cabin

Frontier Residence

Two Story Fieldstone and Log Residence

Frontier Log House

Frontier Log & Slate Overlook

Frontier Guildhouse

Eight by Brick and Plaster

Light Brick and Whitewash Villa

Light Brick and Whitewash Courtyard

Light Brick and Whitewash U-Shape

Lightstone Juliet

Lightstone Patio

Lightstone Small Fortress

Lightstone Fortress

Small Bluestone & Slate

Small Andarian Blockhouse

Andarian Block House

Andarian Courtyard Keep

Prevalian Redoubt

Prevalian Manor

Stone Shoppe

Medium Stone Tower (S)

Medium Stone Tower (E)

Stone Barracks

Square Stone Keep

Compact Stone Keep

Tower (S)

Tower (E)

Clsassic Keep

Guild Fortress

Sandstone Compound

Brick and Wood Compound

Lightstone and Slate Compound

Farmstead Compound

Andarian Farmstead

Blue Stone Guild Fortress

Large Sandstone Compound

Large Marble Compound

Prevalian Fortress

Frontier Compound

Classic Castle

Small Wooden Houseboat (E)

Small Wooden Houseboat (S)

Two Story Shingled Houseboat (S)

Single Story Shingled Houseboat (S)

Single Story Wooden Houseboat (S)

Single Story Wooden Houseboat (E)

Two Story Wooden Houseboat (E)
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Rural Courtyard Shoppe and Andarian Farmstead all the way, but there's so many good designs - heck I even think you should ditch the official UO houses, because none live up to your standard with the exemption of maybe the 2-story villa. And for the love of everything holy: keep custom housing out unless you come up with something that guarantees some form of quality control, because empty plots and horrible designs are an eyesore.
The OSI houses definitely don't match up, completely agree. Even everyone's favourite (Large Tower) is awful in comparison.... worth leaving them in though just for people that want the nostalgia. I don't see many people picking them though.


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Wow... even though I've run the housing area a few times, I just found a new favorite. Is there a "smaller" version of this?



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^ I never said that.

Houseboats probably won't be in at launch, but if they are, you will only be able to place them from set docks/wharfs around the world through a unique menu/purchasing tool.

House boats cannot be moved.
What about pre-Cambrian sandstone houses? Little geology humor for you. One thing I miss about houses is their role in player conflict. For instance if anyone remembers OSI abyss with factions where you had skill Gates and some kind of capture the flag built in. The faction castles were invaded and defended and the walls/Gates/visibility became a factor in the pvp. Early on this was also relevant in the regular game because you could invade houses and take stuff before secures and lock downs. But if houses are invulnerable then what does the design matter besides aesthetics? Is there any room for functional player houses in pvp, etc.?