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I just want to say.......


Now its time for us to spread the word. Bring in people who have never played UO, let this be their first taste of what UO should have been like.


fresh ass stuff to get and do
str8updon fresh ass stuff is what it's all about, can't wait to get and do the fresh ass stuff as well son, for real, i'm lookin forward to it.

there are so many games these days that lack fresh ass stuff, we're talking, they have a map right, and on that map there's nothing, it's a desert plateau with nothing there, nothing to do, just an unfinished flat earth and falling off the edge is the only thing to do which is why we're all here son


Staff member
Sorry to the rest of you which whom I am not as familiar with. I am appreciative of all of your guys hard work as well. lol
The server looks great, the map, the population so far, the anticipation. Its all great!
It was only funny because I am the "rest of the team."
Well, and Expo.