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Idea about Exceptional Head wear +ar

I think you guys (developers of UOOutlands) made a great choice with expanding the variety av weapons and armor used in the UO world.
For example that you can now use bardish and hally, since they are the same. or longsword/broadsword, cutlass/katana, the list goes long.

I would like to see the same variety when it comes to head wear like hats etc. (since this is already in place with items bought for prevalian coins, masks etc)

My suggestion would be to make exceptionel quality hats/bandanas etc have as high armor as exceptional leather caps.

This would, in my opinion, be an awsome update for everyones personal style. And would not be "op" in anyway. It's important for us "tailornerds" who cares about our apperance with outfits etc in the UOworld.

What do you guys think?
I think a tailor can craft a head piece alteration kit, in which you can take a leather cap, and turn it into any wearable hat you want, so you can retain the AR while having your favorite exceptional piece...