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increase Randomization of tmaps so large pk guilds do not simply recall to common spots


Most of the tmap locations here seem to be near some sort of point of interest. A ratman camp, some viking outpost, a overland graveyard, one of the island people actually like to pvm on, etc. Compare it to like OSI map, where tmaps were basically in the middle of nowhere at place otherwise nobody would go to (except maybe to place a house nearby).

On outlands players seem to be doing the society quests killing ratmen and raw fires or fairies at overland spawns. Some players simply do not want to farm in a dungeon and go to these spots.

As a PK I can spend 10 minutes running down (or sending a scout) to the lowest level of Aegis Keep, or I can recall to 50 different overland spot in the same time right? Seems natural that you more likely to run into people doing a tmap here. I think tmaps on OSI were very lame, it was mostly just free money without risk since you almost never saw anything at the location other than a maybe a few random guys in their house or farming orcs or something (or other tmappers). It's a bit more balanced here given the reward here is actually something you might want (aspect stuff, orbs, scrolls, etc) compared to osi (and other shard) magic weapons and... basically that's all besides gold.
fair point. it gets a bit trolling to have 3 pks at newbie areas with 20-50gp loot but its not. they are just waiting for another guy to come along with his treasure hunter.

on the flip side we spent an hour trying to digup without luck or skill lol. (different night)

I often see no new players at any of these low end spawns (loot is low, and your in high end content areas like tmaps while in heavy pk housing).. possibly the reward should he tweaked so there are more high end loot/content to encourage more high end players in the area too? like the fen demon (weaker stuff outside stronger bosses in area... more cyclops and titans etc)
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may I make a suggestion that if a chest is emptied it will auto destruction after 5-10 minutes. Ran into a chest spot 2 nights ago that had a previous chest on there and a 40 min timer. Its a 1 in 500 chance but it does happen and I fail to see the reason to leave an empty chest in the world for 40+ minutes.