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Have played OSI since 2001, was Mapper on Europa.

Also played EM Adris on Catskills/Europa from 2010-2013

Not played UO properly since 2014, Poked my head into Shroud of the Avatar but it isn't great.. Outlands looks absolutely fantastic so excited to give the game I love another shot :)
97-02 Baja, Nappa Valley, Catskills.

Dabbled with and figured out the structure of the uo directory and how c# worked and moved on to the freeshard community.

I have played just about every freeshard since the uoexperiment began ;). Many of you will have encountered me somewhere along your adventure.

Some of my most memorable moments:

Watching that chest open for the first time with King_MegaByte (my neighbor across the street) 2 days prior to the game getting to most people.

PKing with Razors Edge at release with my scribe mage, supplying everyone ebolt scrolls for higher success rates - Baja.

Baja didn't last long. I was a young teen with 2 older brothers and parents that played as well. So, having 3 phone lines and a gamer groups wetdream for multibox setups for family gaming, I moved on to Nappa Valley where I thrived in many ways.

We will start here with the original "connection lost" that happened ALL the time. Remember that feeling you would get wondering if your PK would die to forest spawn before logging in with that dialup connection?

Speaking of PKs. Everything in the game being blue and decreasing karma. Having to pay wandering healers to gain enough karma to turn dragons and daemons back from blue.

Stat loss. I played a pk up to the point that I fell in love with the theif.

Taking my almost GM tamer and dropping taming for stealing after realizing I could send commands to the server allowing me to auto steal a players entire inventory. I watched the screen spamming skillgains from 0 to 30 within seconds. I was paranoid logged out and relogged in the following morning. There was a patch. That patch fixed it and I was stuck at 30s stealing with 30 less taming. I was so stoked about becoming a theif that I never even thought about the loss I just took.

Stealing equipped weapons from paperdolls and killing people with their own weapons.

Owning/being friended to every house, castle, tower from covetous to x-roads for loot dumps.

Grabbing 5 bandages freshly rezd and killing someone within seconds using their own weapons and regs because yeah that death robe at the bank looked like an easy target..or so you thought.

Killing mounted players on foot.

Duping so much gold that my besty RUNEFINGER got caught red-handed with his trophy chest of 125 castle deeds. I used to recall to a rune on a boat at a server line and altf4 using a similar chest of goodies.

Stacking boxes to rob towers blind.

Ghost entering homes.

Killing the groom at a friend's in game wedding in front of everyone.

Getting coal on every character I owned one year and using the coal on dye tubs to create and sell black dye tubs.

Selling a castle on ebay for $6000 and throwing one hell of a kegger.

At this point I left Nappa Valley for Catskills to try factions.

Catskills...what more to say?

The elite.
The end.

But for real,

Disorganized COP fights.

How excited someone would get when they got over 30 showscore when they got the killing blow on you.

"GaNkIn NooBLe"s all day on test


Server wars

Having to explain to a GM why I had a rune to green acres in my bank after recalling off of it and not having enough regs to leave. Had to help stuck out.



I won't even scrape the surface of the freeshards, the adventures, the friends, the guilds, the battles, the downfalls, or anything further after my pay to play experience.

Although I have had many exciting adventures in the past, it has been quite awhile since I have felt any game is worth playing...Or joining a forum, feeling nostalgia and posting this.

I look forward to being a part of Outlands.

Thank you for all the time and hard work devoted to development of such a treasure.
Hullo! I started UO sometime around T2A release, just before or after I think (it's been a while... lol). I played on Baja for a while, and then switched over to free shards. I played around on a few random shards that I can't recall, and then settled down with Icrontic (2nd incarnation of it? It was under MuadDib at the time, I think). I stayed there until it went away, and then joined Ikrontik. I stayed on Ikrontik through being a player, then volunteer, then counselor, then GM, and then the last Admin standing at the end of Ikrontik. I look forward to seeing how Outlands works out!
I started UO in 1998, being gifted it for my 13th birthday. I had read about it in a gaming magazine and expressed an interest in it, and of course it didn't disappoint. I spent the first six months of my gaming time just exploring, and getting up to mischief, favouring a stealth thief in dungeons and a mage pk overland. I utilised tinker traps like crazy with my stealth thief, and those six months were the most fun I've ever had gaming to this day. After I had explored UO, I mainly just focused on pking.

I went from Pacific, to Oceania, to Siege Perilous when Trammel came in; then I played quite a few free shards off and on (An Corp and Rel Por being my favourite, as I'm a high ping gamer and mountless play is great!)

I'll be looking to focus on pvm in outlands, but plan to run a stealth thief as well.

I've largely been a loner in UO, but I'd like to join a pvm-focused guild for Outlands. I've been reading some of the roleplaying community on these forums, and I feel a bit of light roleplay would add to my experience in a very good way.

Looking forward to it.
Kind of a New player here,

I can't really remember much about the game as I did try it once, I remember fishing on a boat for treasure maps then digging up the chests... I remember Taming a cat that could heal o_O

Been looking for games both Private servers and retail stuff to play lately as nothing new looks remotely fun and after searching to no end and getting nowhere I started to day dream. I remembered a bit about UO so I did a search for popular UO servers and a reddit post from a month ago popped up about Outlands being released "soon" and it being anticipated so here I am.

I enjoy solo play since I have trouble communicating with strangers even though I play MMO's... Looking forward to launch, as I find starting from the launch is much more fun then joining ages later. Now I am off to do some research on UO in general so I don't screw things up to badly later.
What up do?
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Black Sub


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Played on Catskills, Lake Austin, Legends and Europa. Looking forward to Outlands. Mostly a PvPer and RPer. Crafting has never been my thing so im hoping to find someone to help keep me geared quickly :D Played every era of UO but the no tram rulesets will always rule my heart.
Oh well hello there

I thought this game was finally over but here you go .... :)

Greetings to all hope to see some familiar faces

Played Chesapeake, Europe, and ran Defiance for a while.

Peace out

see you ingame
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[FLC]Parasite / cletus
I played Atlantic basically from release to shortly after UO:R was implemented. I drifted shard to shard until settling on Metropolis when it opened. I moved from counselor to senior counselor to GM/Seer to Admin until eventually running Metropolis for a little over 2 and a half years of it's 5 or so year timeline. I quit to get focused on school and some other stuff (Admining was basically a 12+ hr a day job for me). I eventually played a bit on UO An Corp with Fenix and a few other guys. Mostly I just have always enjoyed the game and I am looking to get going here with a few friends from Metro if I can track them all down.

I really just like hearing from people that played Metro even if they didn't like me. Funny enough many of the things that made Metro fun (we unintentionally had LJ and alchemy bonuses in) are similar here so I am looking forward to it.

My name is Rehsif and this will be the first time I've really played UO in a long while. I have played many shards, throughout my time. Napa Valley, Siege Perilous, Angel Island, Hybrid, IPY2, Rel Por and UOAC2, but I am extremely excited for Outlands. I am primarily a roleplayer and PvMer, having spent years as a Shadowclan orc and a member of the Yew Militia, so we shall see what the world has in store for us!
Great Lakes, AOL Legends, Lake Austin, orgin

most played characters
Son Goku, BTH great lakes
Fingers, LSD aol legends
Sajvo, ipk, BTH lake austin, orgin, great lakes.

i played on uogamers at launch with inner council.

mostly pvp and some rp if the guild is fun for it. Hoping to run into some old friends here.