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Welcome, Sajvo. You got any contacts left with the big GL guilds (like BTH) that played into AoS? I'm really trying to get word out to as many groups as possible.
I come from Scifi constellation. There were spaceships, laserguns, mass drivers, cloaking devices. We used warpdrive as our standart FTL system.

The first time in UO was in 2005 in a osi-like free shard, age of shadows and samurai empire, it was fun but the shard terminated.
After that I tried a T2A/REN shard , it was everything new to me. I remember asking in town how to check the weapon durability, weapon properties and how to get to Luna.
And today I prefer this old system.
Hey all, been lurking for a few weeks but figured I would introduce myself.

I picked up UO as a way to keep in touch with some friends when i was moving out of the country in 98 (military brat), turns out when you are on the other side of the world its pretty hard to connect with someone to play, so I never actually met up with those friends in game...but continued playing UO anyway until ~04. I started playing again on official servers a coupe months ago when I heard about EJ, but am looking forward to giving my first free shard a try with Outlands.

In my original years in UO I mostly focused on PvP (rolled with ^Rv on Napa Valley). So far on my trip back I have been doing PvM, not sure if I am just old now or if its due to official UO having so few players and the crazy power creep the game has experienced. I am hoping that once I get up and running in Outlands ill be able to get back into some good ol PvP, but for now I am going to focus on getting an early house and building end game chars.

Looking forward to see you all in game
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I'm sure I played with a lot of you guys during IPY and An Corp.

For this new shard ... As much as I love the competition of this game, I'm looking for a more relaxed play style without the constant hate, shit talking, and scamming.

The people that played this game in the past could be real assholes (including myself), but I like to think we have all grown up, matured, and are ready to be nice. (who am I kidding, lol, wishful thinking?)

Anyway, Good luck to all and I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone!
Hi, I'm Lockz, I've been playing UO since 2001, since I was 5 years old and my dad turned me into a miner bot for him. :D

I've played on
Metropolis- Arch
Angel Island- Rayek
Hybrid: As Arch, played with GnG.
UOSA- Bloodrock Clan as Mur'Dur and Zub'Dur
UO:R- As Lockz Solo
UO:F- As Lockz Solo
RelPor(2?)- Was the second GM smith solo.
Haven't played since, went over to Darkfall, glad to see some of you guys here!
Started UO back in 2000 and watched the game change with Chivalry and Necromancy, then hung out with the Samuri and Ninjas running amuck. took a break then started up on free shards staffed a shard and had fun doing that and then went AWOL again for a good 6 years. Getting back into it and looking to have some fun! Will be on hit/miss for the next 3 months just has a daughter born in the beginning of October
Howdy everyone. My name is Wiegraf.

I played on Napa Valley originally then I spent some time on Angel Island, UO Hybrid and more recently UO Renaissance.

My main is always named Wiegraf. Looking to check this out and have a good time. I am having some trouble getting my Discord to work if someone wants to help me troubleshoot.

Hello! My name's Armando but you can call me "i...am...isandisnt???" (it's "i am is and isn't")

I'm making my own multiplayer RPG in UE4 (doing a public alpha combat test this weekend probably) and I just found out about this from a reddit post. WOW!

I'm so psyched to dive right into a custom UO world tomorrow morning! Incredible :) Looking forward to role playing and adventuring and PvPing and PvEing with you all!

I used to play a lot as a kid but totally just as a kid, I don't think I ever even went in the noob dungeon :D

I can't believe I'm considering playing UO again. I played on Baja way, way, way back in the day. After selling my account, I dabbled in free shards for a while but I haven't touched UO in well over a decade.

This looks really fun but I don't have time for UO anymore! Why am I doing this to myself? I'll have to relearn everything and MORE! Please have mercy..

I liked everything I read about on the website except for the no recall in dungeons. Having no instant-escape doesn't sound like fun when the PKs come running in.
Just downloading the game now, have not played any UO since the Gargoyle expansion
Use to play on Oceanic server so hopefully the ping isnt to bad, then time to re learn the game again

My name is Owen and I'm a UO addict. I have been working as the map developer for Outlands since it's inception.

Previously I contributed map work to both An Corp and Rel Por, and staffed on shards like Oblivion and Icrontic. I have played UO since 2001 in various forms and capacities.

Please introduce yourself and let us know you're here!
Played UO starting just before launch of T2A. Stopped playing roughly around UO:Age of Shadows (at least, I think that was the expansion name).

Only private server I've played on other than this one was In Por Ylem 2, where I was elected first King of Britain despite being a solo player.

I also run a somewhat large solar company in California - and I'm always happy to give a large discount to UO fans! =p
ShadowStone here! I played with my dad on OSI (Drachenfels - crazy-ass germans!) back in 1998. I then picked up a couple private servers that I played on from 1999 through 2008 or so (World of Dreams and Sylvan Hearts/Dreams). I heard about this place on the UO subreddit. So far I'm having a blast!