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Started playing early '98 as soon as I could get my hands on the game from across the ocean; had been drooling over the concept of the game for months from articles in game magazines but it was nigh impossible to get here (I remember after weeks of calling retailers I eventually stumbled across it in a weird store that mostly sold business software (Corel draw, word perfect, accounting software etc.)).

Anyway I played on Atlantic from '98 to '02, with the occasional breaks, and fell in love with both the PvP aspect (I rolled with SSJ and S!S), the RP scene (Part of the Yew council and I had a couple of Seers in my ICQ list) and I was a counselor on Napa Valley until they sacked the lot (account stayed free though ;)). Eventually I started to lose interest because of the direction the game was heading and I had the opportunity to join a prestigious counter-strike clan (the other game I played religiously back then).

I briefly came back to the Europa server when I Finnish friend I had met in UO came over for a week and bought me the AoS box, but being appalled by the changes to items, new skills and insurance that didn't last too long... stayed a bit for the RP, but when there were talks of laying off the IGMs it put the final nail in the coffin for me. I mean I love how the freedom allows for excellent player-driven stories, but those IGM/Seer run story lines that sometimes lasted for months ,with a lasting impact on the world, were magical (I believe you can still visit Claudia Raym's lair near Wrong on Atlantic; after weeks of consoling, caretaking and winning over her trust I was one of the few Yew council members allowed in there, where she finally opened up and accepted our help to puzzle together her past, which turned out to have a pretty big demon (the end-boss of the story arc – which I missed because of time zones :() – and that was 19 (!) years ago).

Occassionally I get the nostalgia urges and look up my old friend UO; I've seen free shards in the past but they never held my attention beyond reading a bit of the wiki... until I stumbled upon Outlands! The custom map just oozes passion and detail and it offers something unique that other freeshards lack: rekindling that sense of exploration and wonder we felt when fist stepping in Britannia. I'm also digging the confidence you have in this project by taking your time with development and even putting out a cloth map, which hopefully means that this gorgeous map and server won't fade away in obscurity after a short while.

Sorry for being so verbose, but I don't often get to talk about UO, but when I do I turn into that grampa telling old war stories and reading up on this server has me excited in a way I didn't think games could do anymore!
Do you recall the Brotherhood of Steel (BoS) from your time spent on Napa?
Hello everyone!

Khalil here, formerly Raiden Morana of the Baronship of Cove, over on Europa.

I played there from 2005 to 2010 before making a comeback last year with the advent of Endless Journey.

A couple of familiar names here in @Kasper Valentine who caused me no end of headaches (and fun!!!) whilst I was his Commander in Cove and @Da Vinci whom I fought against and alongside, depending on our relations with the Militia at any given time.

Much like @Kasper Valentine I've been dragged along here by @Derek Lumbar to hopefully share many a grand adventure and establish The Blackstone Company on Outlands. If you haven't heard of us (and you probably haven't), check us out over on the RP Boards and in the RP channel on Discord.
Played UO in 2001 on private servers like The Lost Gate 2, Novus Opiate, Alphanine, never played an "OSI"-like server this is my first one, im mrreroller on twitch stream, simply caus i reroll alot until i find something that i suits me and my mind.
Hullo! I'm Jara. I used to play UO since 1998, and from 2008 onward as part of the Europa RP community (Ilyana Drachen and Leanne Melior were my mains)

32 soon in RL, working as a nurse and currently studying Master in Nursing. Among playing video games, I also have a RPG Maker Project running and make video game music, mostly metal medleys.
Hail good folk

The name is Gasper Le Marc

I have travelled between many different shards over the past 15 years and made a success on each one, and hope this will be come my new home.

I already have seen a couple familiar names from years that have passed, and hope to re-quint myself with these lands.

If there are any guilds willing to take on a misfit scoundrel , feel free to let me know, i have skills, skills that i have made a living using, and what better way to put them too good use than showing them for some coin.

Good day

I'm basically new to Ultima, as I never gave it a chance before. Play with a friend that has a lot of experience non-Outlands.

I'll probably ignore you in chat, but I'm not a PK and when my mage has some chops I'll probably help you out if I see you in need.