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Hello! My name is Aleister Aurandt and I come from Atlantic on OSI. I've been playing UO on and off since 2001. I was heavily involved with the Atlantic RP scene between 2001 and 2005 and again from 2009 to 2011. I played as Dryzzid on Atlantic and was a member of the Order of the Ebon Skull (OES), an evil undead RP guild.

I've been on Outlands for about two and a half months and am enjoying it thoroughly. Looking forward to seeing some of you ingame! Cheers!
Hey All! I played on Napa Valley from Beta to 04 then on Atlantic for a short time after. Renee/Jewel/Deadly Whisper were my main toons. Loved to PvP and PK back in the day. Quit playing due to life obligations, but always had missed the fun. A couple years back started on UO Forever, but again life took me away. Was just about to get back into playing again when I found UO Outlands and became very impressed with what I have seen so far. Cant wait to get into it and see what kind of shenanigans I can get into.
Hello, I am Rainndrop! I originally played Atlantic at a young age in 97 and then moved on to the free shard Hybrid around 07. I also staffed for Hybrid briefly--Those of you who played Hybrid, my players were Rainn and Rainn Drops.

Looking to relive the nostalgia of UO with a solid group of people. Looking forward to meeting some of you!