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Jara Lobreth

Name- Jara Lobreth
Age- In her early thirties
Eye Color- green
Hair Color- ginger
Race- Human
Place of Birth- Unknown
Weight- Around 114lbs
Height- 5'2"

Description: Jara is a small and fragile looking lass with long, ginger hair and freckles all over her body. However, her appearance deceives. She's fearless in battle and due to her quick feet and hands, she's hard to come by. There is not much known about her past, but recently she strolled upon Derek Lumbar of the Blackstone Company Mercenary Group and was invited to join the Club.
Jaras face doesn't show much expression usually and she masters to stay calm at almost every situation - except for petty insults and taunts.

While she does not speak much, a bottle too much beverage might loosen her tongue. Among people she trusts, she's open, yet still keeps her secrets.
It is rumored she had some bad experience with the other sex in her past and therefor tries to avoid any feelings for them rather than friendship.

History: As mentioned, not much is known about her and those wishing to find out more will need to try hard to earn her trust. Scars among her body though indicate she had a tough life and that she spent several years either alone or in hard surroundings.