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LFG thread - players seeking a guild or group


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As we all know, the true joy of UO is found in its community.

Solo players, don't be shy. Tell us here what you're looking for in a guild, and what you can offer.
Guild leaders. Take a chance on people, for the good of your own group and the server as a whole.

Please post in reply if you are looking for a guild, rather than starting your own thread. Feel free to use your own format, but sticking to the below would make sense:

Name: (Discord handle + Character names if you have chosen them)
Playstyle: (PvP, PK, PvM, RP, Crafting)
Timezone: (EST, GMT...)
Type of guild you're looking for: ("Looking for casual friendly PvM guild")
A little about you & your UO story: ("I played the Chesapeake shard back in the day, involved in the RP community. I then moved on to the Siege Perilous shard. I'm from Wiesbaden in Germany")

Name: undecided at present.
Playstyle: PvM mainly, but enjoy PvP. Light roleplaying is enjoyed, particularly evil or unlawful.
Timezone: NZT
Type of guild: Casual is key, focused around PvM but not shy of PvP. Mature and intolerant of antisocial behaviour. Laid back.
Me: New Zealander, 33 years old, who started UO on his 13th birthday. Pacific, Oceania, Siege Perilous; followed by quite a few free shards. I used to make UO maps when I was in my mid teens using that software where you could use colours in paint and convert it to a map file, then create more using Ultima Offline(?). Only played around with the maps at LAN parties with friends and they were basically just huge dungeon worlds with DND-style story telling. I'm self employed in direct sales, focused around tech advancement, and a keen advocate of transhumanism. I'm a high ping gamer and will need many resses.
Name: Konni#0138 on Discord. Character on UO O ist not yet final.
Playstyle: PvM and Crafting
Timezone: CET // UTC +2 (during summer)
Type of guild you're looking for: I don't have that much time to play, so I could offer casual play only but looking for a newbie friendly group or guild. I'm not too experienced, so I'd need some support with learning the game in many aspects. PvP is not my main focus, I like to run around, explore, doing PvM things and could image to craft things. So harvesting ressources and then make them to something valuable in game.
A little about you & your UO story: I played on a freeshard called "UO Sigena" back then when I was a teenager. But I don't remember most of the things from then. Then I had a character on UO: Renaissance recently as I heard of UO Outlands. Love the fact that there is Orion and alle the cool features the shard will offer. I'm living in Leipzig, Germany.
Name: Discord Rolund#7863 + Rolund)
Playstyle: PvP, PvM, RP, Crafting
Timezone: EST
Type of guild you're looking for
: Looking for a well rounded casual friendly PvM/PK Hunter guild
A little about you & your UO story: I live in the United States (Massachusetts) I played OSI-Chesapeake server as Kain/Raziel and rolled with the Atomic Godz (A*G) + Damage Inc. for anyone who played then and spent some time on UOF. Not really into PKing(Going Red) but will to protect champ spawn drops and fellow guildies with the utmost tenacity. I play casually for fun and I am into some PVP/PK hunting , maybe running a few champ spawns /dungeon crawls and long walks on the beaches of Cambria :laughing: . Thou overall looking for a cool/chill group of people who stick together, help each other out and have fun.
Name: Old Man Dan #9094/ Got a few toons but Old man Dan, Jen the Lover, and a few others.
Playstyle: PvM Mostly, But dont mind a bit of PvP once i learn the mechanics and the game a bit more. Also interested in some RP
Timezone: EST
Type of guild you're looking for
: Looking for a casual PvM with a bit of PvP and RP would be nice.
A little about you & your UO story: Well not much to say here, i've never really played UO. I've just started playing seriously with UO Forever about 1 month ago. Saw a post on reddit about Outlands and never returned to UOF. So honestly total time playing UO Is like 1 month and a half. Im total pleb xD
Also about im im a 30 years old. I've been PC gaming for most of my life. Ive played games like Diablo 2, runescape, and a lot of the newer titles such as Black Desert Online. I love sandbox type games and i've become very interested in UO.
Name: Insano#3760 on Discord, Insano and Thygary Elistian in game.
Playstyle: PvM
Timezone: CST
Type of guild you're looking for
: Looking for casual friendly PvM guild
A little about you & your UO story: I played on Great Lakes/Superior way back in the day. I have also played T2A and a lot of UO:F.