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Looking For DFI(Defiance) Players!

I am Woah Nightfall. Im working with the leader of $N$ from UOF, to create a hybrid guild here. Were established now, and trying to fill in the cracks. We have found many from Defiance, and trying to find everyone else!!
I used to play on UODefiance with a bloke named KillerMage and his wife too. That was at least a decade ago though. He was quite the pvper I remember.
I played for a while with Captain Khazm and his brother... But that was a LONNNGGGGG time ago.

If my memory serves me they taught me to say "I have weird root fruits in my leather pants" in swedish.

"Jag ar konstiga rot fruktar y mina laderbyxor."
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We are now opening up to anyone who wants to hunt, pvp, and make your stamp on this shard. we players from usa all the way over to lebanon. Add me to discord Woah Gaming#3304