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Looting Monsters the UOR Way

I dont want to get in trouble linking something from another shard but it explains why they put in such a change and the benefits it also adds.


They moved all monster loot to an unlootable bag inside the coffin.

This change accomplishes two primary goals.
  • This stops all known auto looting/auto scavenging programs that can provide an unfair advantage.
  • This allows players to easily and quickly loot items from monsters using razor.
Now with classicUO and Razor more of our playerbase are on Razor then ever before and that will continue to rise as classicUO leaves alpha. This introduces a quality of life change to users and also breaks many of the well used autolooters that exist out there.
Could just ban steam. Managing bandages, cures, pouches, etc in PvP used to be part of it. Now that's all handled by steam. Not to mention auto looters, auto targeting and who knows what else.
Would rather Razor just fix the issue and auto open corpses that you run up to, instead of having to be within 2 tiles upon death. This gives an advantage to the quickest hotkey/lowest ping to auto loot (organizer agent) the container.
I agree entirely with Rio, this doesn't accomplish anything, and it disables gridloot, which is a great QOL feature, that loots entirely too slow, and shows items you can't even loot half the time..

If you really think a bag can't be auto opened, upon opening a corpse, and looted, your mistaken.