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Lord of the Creek - Ongoing PVP Event


The idea is to have a pvp system that you can take part in at any time, for however long you wish to. And to increase the general occurrence of PVP in Corpse Creek, and have a reliable place to go for pvp at any time.

I imagine it running in continuous cycles, with the points being handed out and scoreboard being reset at set intervals (2, 3, or 4 hours).

It is a king of the hill type of system, based on guild control of a token held in someone's backpack. The exact scoring system isn't worked out yet.

Event Details

-One "Creek Token" spawns on a pedestal in of CC
-The player that picks up the token receives a [Lord of the Creek] flag in red, and all equipped items/skin/mount will be receive a special red hue


-The guild in possession of the token will accumulate Control Points based on time held
-The player holding the token may go anywhere in the CC area, but cannot hide, be invised, recall or use gates
-Leaving the CC area with the token will result in a huge loss of points the guild, and have the token replaced at the pedestal
-Killing the [Lord of the Creek] will take half (or other balanced amount) of the accumulated Control Points and award them to the guild that secured the kill
-The token can be looted from the corpse which will flag a new [Lord of the Creek], or will return to the pedestal in (x) mins if not looted
-The guild in possession of the token will bonus receive Kill Points for killing players from other guilds
-Other guilds will receive bonus Kill Points for killing players in the guild with the token
-ALL kills in the CC area will generate Kill Points, but much less than those related to token control
-Full loot

-(Plus some system to allow people to replace/transfer the token if they need to leave - maybe like a long channel time so it can't be cheesed, or some points loss for doing so)

At the end of the interval, players will be awarded points that can be used to put towards a new set of cosmetics/hues/rares in the same fashion as other reward systems (facitons/arena/societies). What the exact rewards are is a separate point, but maybe you can spawn CCC chests yourself or buy skill orbs, bless deeds, reagent commodities, things useful to pvpers that aren't crafted.