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Magery guide help?

0-50 buy it from a mage vendor.
50-60 cast lightning in the nub dungeon on the corpsers in the frog room.
60-70 cast invisibility on yourself in the nub dungeon
70-80 cast invisibility on yourself
80-100 cast water elemental (the cheapest reg elemental) because it uses 1 less reg.
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Also if you plan on using inscription (popular on summoner builds) you could level that up first and then use the scrolls to train magery (works well up to 80 both)
This is good advice, I start nearly all my characters that use magery this way.
Also add forensic evaluation so you are skinning for leather that can be made into blank scrolls.

http://forums.uooutlands.com/index....for-the-way-of-the-wizard-evocation-mage.976/ I used this guide to make my first character as a mage on this server and had no problems making and earning enough gold to level up my skills plus some.
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