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Make herding great again


You know how after the aspect patch you had to carry and activate a valorite weapon to get the same tactics bonus? But to make up for that, they also added a new material (avarite) so you could actually get more tactics (at the risk of losing a valuable weapon of course)?

They should do that. Nerf herding harshly with a regular crook. Linearly scale it so that you get the equal of the current (25% * (Herding Skill / 100)) damage with a valorite crook, and get a bit more with an avarite one.

Something like this (but not exactly this, just general idea)

(25%* t * (Herding Skill / 100)) with t being the following:
t=0.2 Iron
t=0.3 D.Copper
t=0.4 Shadow
t=0.5 Copper
t=0.6 Bronze
t=0.7 Gold
t=0.8 Agepite
t=0.9 Verite
t=1.0 Valorite
t=1.1 Avarite