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Make small gold pile sprite larger

Make the small coin pile a little big bigger. Like, 2-5 more pixels per side.
Following the same line of thought there are many object sprites that coul be made more pointer friendly, like arrows and gems.

It's really frustrating to pick up small coin piles when farming low level monsters.

I know, I know... As soon as you start killing bigger monsters that's not an issue anymore. However:
Making the game a little bit easier to grasp (in more than a sense) for low level characters can only have positive impacts I think.

As a side note, why not having a command that lets you grab loot from a corpse a little bit at a time the way LoA does? Nothing OP, like picking 10-20 items from a stack at a time so that it still takes time, but automatic. Maybe if you cancel it you drop some of it...


If you're using UOSteam as launcher, you can always GridLoot, which makes looting everything much easier. No need to drag loot any more, just click it and be done with it.
I had the impression that wasn't the case. I think I read in Yu's guide that in Outlands all looting was done manually...

I'll have to check out UOSteam I guess. Thanks for the heads-up!


I had the impression that wasn't the case. I think I read in Yu's guide that in Outlands all looting was done manually...
Auto-loot is disabled, but UOSteam simply provides a different UI for looting. It is still done manually.

I suggest using "both" (as opposed to "classic" or "gridded"), as if you loot "too fast", items will disappear from the grid, but remain on the corpse, while if someone else is looting the corpse, the opposite happens, stuff that isn't still on the corpse may still appear on the grid. Another downside is that mobs with "cosmetic gear" which can't be looted will appear in the grid, too, despite being unlootable, but all in all, it's a lot more convenient that the classic loot window.


Can't you just use the lockpick/remove trap UI that opens up when double-clicking a locked/trapped chest or am I missing something?
Yeah, that's not a problem. A problem is when you make 50 tools on one character and have to move them 1 by 1 into a bag.


I think it would be cool if more stackable items had 3 arts like how gold is. Arrows could go from the single arrow to the 2 arrows art to the big pile of arrows art, for example.
Oh, sorry! I've dropped my arrows.. and my bigger bundle of arrows...

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 15.01.58.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 15.01.43.png

I'm doing this by manipulating screenshots found online in a web application called Piskel btw. I guess I could try making usable sprites (using the right palette) if anyone's interested.