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maximum alpha strike dmg for a glass cannon stealthy pk

What are my options for biggest alpha strike? I want to play a stealthy PK character, that stalks targets and attacks when they are on low health.

So its hiding + stealth.

Next options are magery or archery.

I have calculated that heavy crossbow with archery , anatomy, tactics and 100 tracking and 85 forensics can to about 14-70 damage. Even more with some cool weapon.

>stealth mage template:
eval int

200sp left

100 tracking
100 forensics
+20% dmg

energy bolt, 1.75 cast time
Deals ((20 to 35) * (Magery / 100) * (.75 + (.25 * (Eval Int / 100)))) damage to target player
(20-30) * 1 * (0.75 + 0.25) = 20-30 damage? with tracking/forensics 24-36

flame strike 2 sec cast time
Deals ((30 to 45) * (Magery / 100) * (.75 + (.25 * (Eval Int / 100)))) damage to target player
30-45 damage? with skills 36-54

or drop meditation for another spell damage booster like camping? then i can get 39-59 damage with flame strike.


1) Are my damage calculations correct for the xbow/spells? Is the additional damage from forensics/tracking worth spending 200 skill points?
2) Is the flame strike really 2 sec cast time? seems too small, usually its around 5 sec.
3) any other way to increase spell damage?
4) What are your ideas on this thing? Can i stealth and just BAM one-hit with flame strike or hope to hit good with xbow on a low hp guy in a dungeon?
Wondering why you're not going for backstab. %450-%1000 damage bonus depending on weapon speed. Don't think it works with ranged.
https://uooutlands.com/wiki/index.php/Stealth said:
Players attacking other players from stealth will make the same backstab sound effect, but they will receive no bonuses to the attack
Sadly (but probably for good reason), backstab doesn't work in PvP.
Yeah, backstab would be the best option, but it doesnt work for pvp. If they would enable it for atleast a 100% damage bonus, then it would be fun!

upd: i just realized that even 100% would be too much. maybe 30-50% dmg bonus?

VeganKrieg imagine hitting 400% of damage with your bardiche, that would be somewhere around 60-150 damage. So like insta kill from full hp.
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