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Monster loot tables

Hello Everyone,

Short this is me and my experience with uo.

So lets get into it. I'm a avid UO player spent way to much time playing this game in my life. I started out in Napa Valley back in January 98. I played OSI for a while till i felt like Tram killed the game. so i started playing free servers. I played UOGamers Hybrid for a while till i felt like once again something was off or maybe i was just done with that servers cant remember exactly what happened. So for a while after that i played UOGamers other servers that had some of the newer content which was fun for a while. Then i just stopped playing all together as life got in the way seeing that I'm in my mid to late 30's. Anyways i think that's enough about me lets get to what i really want to talk about which i think will help everyone out on.

So when this server started i thought what the hell lets give it ago. I'm still testing some of the skills for pvp and pvm and i think its going to take a while to find the right mix that i will be happy with.
but while I'm still learning skills and monster drops i figured this is a great time to ask people to help make a monster loot table. not only would this help out any player if they are looking for something that drop more often on one creature or monster or be it you just looking for monsters that drop decent loot that aren't to hard to kill.

So what I'm asking is for people to help me pool some information that we can all add to a spread sheet. That way we can do some easy data pooling to figure out what these new monsters drop loot wise. I'm thinking about starting a google document spread sheet and starting with monsters in dungeons. Just if your out and about killing some stuff just write down what monster you killed, gold drop, and what items dropped. If you skin it you can write down what type of leather drops and how much.

What ya'll think would a list of this information help out or am i just waist my time? If anyone wants to help you can PM me on the forums or PM me on Discord.

I started writing down what some of the monsters in Nusero dungeon drop.
at first this sounds like a good idea, on second thought not so much.

ive spent hours exploring the map looking for good spawns and killing monsters that ive seen for the first time ever.
now that i visit the same places each time because they fit my template well i realize that sitting in the same spot, killing the same mobs for hours is much less fun than exploring.

if we min maxed and pooled data then maybe i would have competition, which is not a disaster as i welcome player interaction, the good and the bad.

i wouldnt want new players to skip the exploration though because its like skipping a lot of "this new game".

i advise everyone to not go full min/max and instead stay curious and get to know this new uo experience.


i wouldnt want new players to skip the exploration though because its like skipping a lot of "this new game".
This is exactly why skill gain is enhanced for active play vs macroing. Getting people out there and actually playing the game and exploring. The devs have put in hundreds if not thousands of hours creating all of this wonderful content for us to discover. Taking that away from new players seems unfair to both them and the devs.
i am not sure how it works here but i like on uo lostlands that minibosses randomly spawn on the map after u kill xyz at a location. keeps it fresh
As far as loot goes, I'm fairly certain they made it so you can get anything from any mob, just the % chance may be different, with the exception of when hunting specific dungeons, there is a chance to get clothing / dyes in the hue for the dungeon, like infernal gives the infernal dyes, and petram I think it is gives the peacock dye'd stuff.

Beyond that the difference is really just in the gold, which someone has already itemized all the mobs on Ultima Mapper - a great mapping utility if you really want to explore outside of the game to figure out where to hunt.. but I agree - exploration in game for me has been my favorite part of the game so far.
If you are looking for gold drop rates...

Go in discord
Go to #ultima-mapper
Right click screen
Go to markers
Select mobs
Thank me later