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I would suggest no mounts. Mounts move too quickly. PvP would have fewer runners, non-mounted people could be more a part of things, and the world wouldn't feel as small.


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We're going to start with mounts overland, but no mounts in dungeons.

The world won't feel small, I assure you.
Then my only other thought is make it so you can't buy mounts from NPCs. Make it something that tamers can make gold on early and that encourages player interaction. Players selling mounts at banks!
I love the idea of no mounts In dungeons, I would also make horse fatigue out of dungeons make it harder to actually run forever with a horse,with fatigue you can have different levels of fatigue depending on mount taming difficulty. Make it so u have to dismount feed horse for fatigue to replenish.
Love no mounts in dungeons for sure. Would love to see actual mount fatigue again and NO ability to refresh that stamina with a verbal command (ie: must actually FEED your mount and/or give it a break).

Also in full agreement there should be no NPCs selling mounts.
Mounts allowed but not in dungeons is a good compromise.

So is having to feed them to recover stamina.

50/50 on not letting them be bought from NPCs. Not a bad idea but not sure I'd actually like it in practice.
I'm a "no mounts" kind of guy, especially after what I've seen on other "popular" servers. The running... my God, the running. It takes about 5-7 minutes to run from Minoc to Britain, another 4-6 from Britain to Trinsic. That's roughly 12-15 minutes cross country. If the Outlands are roughly half the size, I feel like that would mean a run of 6-8 minutes from end to end, which is to say nothing of town to town or friended house to friended house.
mounted pvp can be a real deal breaker for a lot of people. Mounts can be cool though. The no mounts in dungeons is a good idea.

Something like -10 to weapon skills and magery while on mounts; would make it so mounts werent a necessity for pvp. But instead an option that adds spice to game play variety.
The issues I have with mounts is that it's reminicnet of IPY's "novel" idea of having 2 dimensions/rulesets. Your character's effectiveness changes at the flip of a switch as you enter a dungeon. It will change how people build their characters. It would be awkward to "build" a character that excels at outdoor combat, but is limited in effectiveness in dungeons since mounts affect PvP drastically. Furthermore, you can't just "start with mounts for now" and then eliminate them 3 months into the server because of the backlash from established characters whose builds depend on them.

My suggestion would be, dare I say it.... To mimic WoW's mount system in that any any source of damage dismounts you. In that way mounts can be enabled for fast-travel and aesthetics, but not affect PvP or character templates. Perhaps reduce the run speed to be proportional to the world size.
In the movie True Grit, Rooster Cogburn rides a horse so far it falls down and begins to die. He shoots it in the head with a 45 Colt.

A macro to double click, drag apple, double click isn't really solving the problem.

If you ride your horse too far too fast, you would need to dismount and heal the beast or risk having it die right out from under you!

No NPC horse trading is a good idea.
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No NPCs selling horses is a fantastic idea.

Also I like how the no mounts in dungeons but mounts overland will motivate me to spend my time in dungeons, rather than just in house recalling around every now and then seeing what's up.

I just wish we could realistically force light levels. I'd really have some fun then.