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Haha, I was wondering the same thing when I fished it up! I think it is being carried three decimal spaces to make it more competative for who caught the biggest fish, perhaps.
While my 50-Skill Fisherman is doing his thing (probably for about 8 hours), I will stick a little nugget of unrelated information here.

Leather Cap Restyling Deeds!

At 120 Tailoring, you can create restyling deeds for that hideous leather cap everyone loves to hate, and restyle it into pretty much any kind of craftable hat while still maintaining it's original Leather Cap stats. Here's how it's done :D

*I know, the .gifs are kind of weird, but I thought I'd try something new. :p

- Open up crafting menu with Sewing Kit
- Select "Utility Items"
- Select "Leather Cap Restyle Deed" (Requires 10 leather and 1 Mastercrafting Diagram)
- Select "Create Item" (Deed shows up in your backpack)
- Double-click the Deed and Target the Leather Cap you wish to convert
- Select new hat style
- Click "Confirm" (New restyled Leather Cap/Hat will show up in backpack)

Special Fishing Nets

Sea Serpent.gif

I just ran a quick test of Special Fishing Nets to see what kind of beasts were summoned, and what to expect for loot.

Special Fishing Nets (not to be confused with Player-Crafted Nets) are the ones a fisherman can find while fishing (and sometimes as loot on sea monsters) that can be thrown into any body of water while you are on a boat, and it will generate an event (usually a spawn of a single creature that you can fight).

I threw 5 nets in total; here are my results:

1 Sea Serpent
1 Sea Hag
1 Raging Tide
2 Water Spirits

2 Message in a Bottles
2,031 Doubloons
2,231 Gold
6 Gems (various)
11 Spell Scrolls (various)
155 Reagents (various)
2 Magic Spellbooks (Simple Eminently Charged Ruin, Substantial Surpassingly Charged Ruin

Special Fishing Net Loot.JPG

On UO Outlands, Fishing can be an exciting and lucrative sport! So dip some lines in the water and enjoy! :)
SoS Coordinates and Ultima Mapper

Someone had asked if SoS coordinates could be manually added to Ultima Mapper (my mapping program of choice), and the answer is yes!

When you open a Message in a Bottle (MiB), which is found as loot on sea beasts, the resulting SoS Message contains coordinates. Plug those coordinates into Ultima Mapper and away you go! Enjoy! :D

Beginning Character: Fisherman

As promised, I ran a new Fisherman for 8 hours and want to share my results!

I started the character with 50 fishing and 4 vendor-bought poles. I also started fishing from a small boat from the very beginning and throughout the entire test. Reasoning behind this: fishing from a boat is the only way to fish up Special Nets and Rare Deco Fish. Also, I don't plan on starting out with a Fisherman on day-1, I will do so once I level up a Carpenter and can provide my Fisherman with a small boat. One could start fishing from shore for the same skill gains, but without the opportunity to fish up rares. On a previous test, it took roughly 80 hours to GM Fishing, so you will be slapping the water with a pole for a long time, and I want to make every cast count.

At 29 minutes into the test, and at Skill 51.2, I was elated to pull up my first Rare, a Special Fishing Net. I had no idea it would be a couple of hours later before I saw my next Rare, but such is the life of a fisherman; you get what you get! (*insert sad violin here) :p

All told, here's the Loot!:
3 Special Fishing Nets (Use on open water to summon at least one sea creature, which will yield a variety of treasure)
4 Rare Deco Fish (for fish tanks and decoration)
1,417 Raw Fish (minor cooking ingredient)
14 Raw Large Fish (rare cooking ingredient)
14 Raw Crab (rare cooking ingredient)
10 Raw Lobster (rare cooking ingredient)

** One item to note concerning the boat I was fishing from. As you may or may not know, not all boats are created equal. When built, they all have a plethora of "Base" stats, all of which are modified slightly based on RNG and the skill of the crafter. In the case of my particular boat, I was blessed with +4.6% Fishing Special, meaning I had a slightly increased chance for pulling up rare fishing items. Make sure you are aware of this little factoid when purchasing or crafting your own boat; check out the stats! Because it could just as easily have been MINUS 4.6%! Most importantly, enjoy what you do! :D

beginner fisherman.JPG
Player-Crafted Nets

The other type of functioning fishing net you will encounter (aside from the Special Fishing Nets) are Player-Crafted Nets. These nets can be crafted via the Tailoring Skill out of all types of leather (the more rare the leather, the better durability and special chance the net has). As of this writing, it is unknown what the individual skill requirements will be. These nets can be used in "Special Fishing" places, like these following examples which can be found out at sea.

Sunken Tree.JPG

To use the fishing net, you can double-click the net, then target the special fishing area; or you can just double-click the fishing area and it will throw the net automatically (if you have one).


After you launch the net, a variety of things can happen. You can get nothing, you can get rare cooking ingredients (crabs, lobsters, large fish), you can get deco items (like fish for your fish tank), or like the example above, you can attract the attention of a sea monster!

And before you get too comfortable, sea monsters don't always stay in the water where you can run away from them if you get into trouble... sometimes they spawn on the deck of your ship!

The test I conducted was with Copperhide Fishing Nets, which is on the lower-end of special leather; easy enough to find and still give me a small bonus to finding special items. My boat also has a couple of fishing benefits built into it, granting me a 55% improvement on my chance for special items. I tested 10 different Special Fishing spots, exhausting each one. With that said, here are my results:


Net-Casting Results:
Nothing: 43
Large Fish: 22
Crab: 12
Lobster: 10
Rare Deco Fish: 1
Sea Serpents: 4
Deep Crawlers: 1
Raging Tides: 1
Water Spirits: 1
Drowned Dragons: 1
Husk Crabs: 4

Loot from Monsters:
2850 Gold
2857 Doubloons
10 Gems (various)
1 Cleverly Drawn Treasure Map
1 Substantial Jongleur Tamborine
1 Defense Studded Bustier
110 Reagents (various)
9 Spell Scrolls (various)

All told, finding and looting Special Fishing spots is rather enjoyable (at least for me). You have chances for special items and unique monster encounters you can only find at sea. Good luck, have fun, and always watch your back; there be pirates about!
Messages in Bottles: SoS Fishing

In the final fish net installment (for now, lol), I wanted to address the fishing-up of SoS scrolls, which are retrieved from Message in a Bottles (MiBs). You use the same nets you used for Special Fishing spots, those being Player-Crafted nets.

In my testing, I used Player-Crafted Copperhide Fishing Nets. My boat is also outfitted with a couple of items that increase the special fishing chance by +55%, so that might factor in somewhat.

Once you fish up a MiB, you double-click it to get the SoS scroll, which will list coordinates on where to find this unique fishing spot. I fished up 2 MiBs during an earlier test, so I went out and found their locations and fished them up! While the sea monsters I encountered while fishing up the SoS weren't really any "tougher" than the ones from the Special Fishing Spots, they often spawned in greater numbers and were nearly overwhelming a couple of times.


Also, in the course of fishing up the two MiBs, my crew of 3 Master Crewmen were dead by the end of it, which should tell you something about the kind of damage you could be facing from the monsters.

One unique item is guaranteed for every SoS, at least one Salvaged Crate, which contains the majority of loot for the SoS. You are guaranteed at least one of these crates, but you may be lucky enough to pull up to 3 max. Also, there are three different sizes. As luck would have it, I pulled up a Medium Salvaged Crate on the first SoS, and BOTH a Large and Small Salvage Crate on the second SoS! They will look great in my house after Launch! Oh... wait... :p


Anyway, without further ado, here are the specifics:

SoS #1:


Net-Casting Results:
Nothing: 6
Large Fish: 4
Lobster: 6
Rare Deco Fish: 1
Water Spirit: 2

Loot From Monsters:
1153 Gold
1246 Doubloons
1 Guarding Wooden Shield
1 Surpassingly Charged Might Spellbook
1 Fortification Rune
100 Reagents (various)
6 Spell Scrolls (various)
1 Medium Salvaged Crate

Loot from Crate:
2130 Gold
175 Arrows
175 Bandages
1 Eminently Accurate Ruin Heavy X-Bow
1 Force Spellbook
1 Simple Power Spellbook
1 Durable Hardening Ringmail Chest
1 Fortified Hardening Chainmail Skirt
1 Expert Navigator Crewmember Contract
1 Expert Orc Reaver Crewmember Contract

SoS #2:


Net-Casting Results:
Nothing: 11
Large Fish: 4
Raw Crab: 1
Rare Deco Fish: 1
Sea Serpent: 2
Ocean Spray: 8

Loot From Monsters:
681 Gold
694 Doubloons
16 Reagents (various)
8 Spell Scrolls (various)
1 Small Salvaged Crate
1 Large Salvaged Crate

Loot from Crate #1:
2823 Gold
200 Arrows
200 Bandages
200 Ginseng
2 Tourmaline Gems
1 Agility Potion
1 Charged Force Spellbook
1 Hardening Chainmail Gorget
1 Hardening Leather Arms
1 Substantial Hardening Studded Leggings
1 Hardening Heater Shield
1 Durable Accurate Force Pitchfork
1 Expert Marksman Crewmember Contract
1 Expert Sea Dog Crewmember Contract

Loot from Crate #2:
1652 Gold
150 Bolts
8 Spell Scrolls (various)
1 Massive Hardening Bronze Shield
1 Force War Mace
1 Hardening Leather Gloves
1 Expert Carpenter Crewmember Contract
1 Expert Gunner Crewmember Contract

And that, my friends, is what I call a rather lucrative investment: absolutely worth the 80 hours it takes to GM Fishing! Good luck and have fun! :)
Special Fishing Nets: Larger Sample

From the Patch Notes:

Special Fishing Nets

  • Players have a (0.5% * (Fishing Skill / 100) * (100% + Fishing Pole Bonus) * (100% + Ship Upgrades Bonuses)) chance to find a Special Fishing Net while fishing on land or while on a ship
  • Special Fishing Nets are single use items that may be thrown from a ship into the water
  • Once thrown, a Special Fishing Net has a 75% chance to generate a Fishing Creature Spawn or a 25% chance for the player to catch a Special Fish
  • If a Fishing Creature Spawn occurs, there is a 25% chance that one creature will have a Message in a Bottle on it's corpse
  • Special Fishing Nets are stackable by color (colors are randomized)


Took a few minutes to cast some more Special Fishing Nets (the ones you can just throw on the water from your boat, no Special Fishing Spot needed). This time around, I cast 20 nets, here are the results:

Ocean Spray: 5
Drowned Dead: 2
Overseer: 1
Observer: 3
Sea Serpent: 4
Tidal Mantis: 2
Trilobite: 1
Raging Tide: 1
Water Elemental: 2
Drowned Dragon: 1

Notable Loot:
Gold: 2883
Doubloons: 2894
Magic Spellbooks: 3 (Simple Charged, Substantial Surpassingly Charged Ruin, Substantial Surpassingly Charged)
Message in Bottles: 3

This list is where I cast a net, but received less-than-desirable results. I consider each of these a "wasted net" :(
Large Raw Fish: 1
Crab: 3
Lobster: 3
Nothing: 1 (will report as a bug)

Final Thoughts:
So, out of 20 nets, 8 were "failures." I find this rather disappointing, as Special Fishing Nets are a rare item themselves. I feel they should have a better percentage chance to pull a monster. According to the Patch Notes, the ratio should have been 75% Monsters/25% Special Fish. Mine was 60% Monsters/40% Special Fish (if you consider crabs and lobsters cooking ingredients "Special Fish.") I will just jot this down as Bad RNG.