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Outlands AMA Conversation

Just two questions:

1) Are there plans to extend the landscape ala OSI T2A in the future or do you think the landsize will be sufficient for the foreseeable future?

2) Just a general question. Can we get an introduction/announcement of the current staffers and their history? e.g. "I'm Parasite and I played Atlantic originally before finding my way here" That kinda thing. Just curious that's all
Question : Is it ok to camp someones house and murder them as many times as I want?

I am not a trolly player, but I have been trolled... and this is how I deal with trolls.. it makes me happy. Pls no ban.

Also regarding a question I asked earlier in one of Expo's twitch streams... "Is Owyn's hair as pretty as his server?" To which he replied "This is not an AMA" (lol)...
Well its an AMA now dude.... Show us those curly golden locks of pure joy!
Multiboxing. When is it legal, specifically, and illegal, specifically?

Traditionally, folks bring multiple characters aboard a ship for PvM, but also for PvP. If it's allowed for PvM but you attack a ship, and the alts auto-attack back, is that illegal? What if they're used to res during the fight, cross-heal, etc.?
Are continual skill balance changes going to be made once the game is launched?
and if so will it be a theme of nerfing powerful skills, or buffing underwhelming skills?
Where's the rare's system at right now?

What are your plans for lore/events/etc? Seems a lot of characters are fleshed out - do you plan on storylines and so on, have you already planned them?

What are your launch expectations & how has the preparation been?

What's the plan for the first 6 months/1 year of the shard - do you already have expansions planned, what do you expect? Are you tired of UO already or will you keep developing?

What's the status of dynamic weather/light levels/more special effects/ambient immersion? Will you guys do a design pass on that?

On a sidenote on the ambient system, whats the plan on ambient NPCs/city life/wandering merchants/random encounters etc/unique city NPCs for each town? Anything like that?

How do you guys go about collecting feedback/deciding on new systems/changes, what's the process of determining the appropriate action - for example in the case of the murder system it has been a bit back and forth. Do you have a process for determining how to proceed with changes or do you generally just wing it?

If you get a free will, what things would you want to implement (if you are allowed to imagine a bit even if it doesnt seem reasoanble), for example in terms of map features/monster design/systems etc? Applies to both Owyn and to Luthius in regards to coding.
What is your development workflow like (both for the world build side and code side of things)?
Do you use anything for project management, source control, etc?
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Are you planning any more skills/utility of skills? Such as tinkering being able to create golems/constructs or any other new additions to crafting? Necromancy?

How is the plant system coming along, will it be done in time for launch, will it require any special skills to use? What else is in store for house addons (I count plants among these), we know of house pets - whats the status on that - but are there other things planned? What about adding some of the cool stuff that Owyn has made for the map and have them be house addons?

Speaking of houses - what is the status of major house modifications such as basements, or added rooms/towers/internal walls/house paint/house-to-house teleporters/recallable chimney locations?

Have you considered some in game news system, such as being able to give town criers a book with some written news (which may cost 5k) and then every 5th day the town crier will sell a newspaper with all the books/ads/stories/news/stuff combined?

I havent heard much more about the recurrent events apart from the shrine corruptions (which seem a bit rare), but are there plans for stuff like the League of Heroes mob spawns, or for random boss encounters in the wilds/escort quests/ocean-pirate based recurring events/town invasions/anything like that?

Have you ever considered giving players more tools to create a better ambient environment, like enabling them to set up lights/animal patrols/buy NPC guards that patrol certian areas/have certain dialogue etc/create their own special effects/spell effects?
1. If donations exceed server cost for a given month how will the leftover money be used? Will you and Luthius split the money as much earned profit for this amazing shard? Would you entertain the idea to supplement Luthius's and even Jaedans current career income to give them more time to work on the shard / Orion?

2. Are you paying full server costs currently for the beta? 2a. Will the live server have better DDoS protection than beta?

3. Luthius, do you have any future plans for mini-games? I.E. I've seen a MOBA style mini-game on I think it was Rel Por 2.

4. Can we have the jail be open to the public so we can shame them?

5. Can we REALLY get a monthly podcast called Outlands Uncensored?
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  1. I have seen that tournaments on other servers tends to kill the server. Meaning that people eventually just log on to play in the tournaments. This also ruins world PVP. What is being done to curtail this from happening?
  2. What is the timeline till we can place houses on the Beta server?
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1) Currently, there are some empty npc houses in cities and around the outskirts of cities (farms East of Andaria for exmaple). Are there any plans on making these empty houses rentable for players? Would be amazing for the roleplay community.

2) Weapons:
2.1) What are the chances of making one of the axe types a 1-hand weapon? Would love to wield one with a shield.
2.2) Would it be possible to have a dual wield option? Where a second sword or dagger can be placed in the left hand, that functions like a shield and allows for the Parry skill. The second weapon would not give armour bonuses but would be a cool option for RP and unique player look.
There was another shard (Angel Island) which had some interesting custom features. Would you consider:

1) Adding something similar to "The Kin system" – a factions system where players have their guilds join a faction such as the Undead, Pirates or Orcs and do battle against each other. Each Kin has strongholds where kin-aligned creatures will not attack them. This essentially allows RPers to protect the undead for example.

2) Nox Archers - poisoning oil cloth and having this in an archers inventory meant that they had a chance to poison also, much like other character classes

3) Instead of Stat Loss - Angel Island had a prison system where the user would be sent to prison to work, or if there are enough prisoners they could fight and kill the guards to break out (along with completing other various mini games). Would you consider adding something similar (but perhaps improved upon) later?