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Outlands Guild vs Guild Grand PvP Tournament

Alongside the staff members Expo and Lenz, as well as my good friend Grish'nak, I will be hosting a 'grand tournament' for PvP guilds over the course of a number of weeks. I hope this will give groups something to focus on and work towards whilst the PvP system is being finalised.

  • A statue, complete with custom plinth and deco outside of your guildhouse. On clicking, text will read (or similar). “(Guild name) winner of the Outlands grand PvP tournament”. A duplicate of this statue will also be placed in the arena.
  • A plaque on the side/front of your guildhouse stating “Grand Tournament Champions”
  • Collectable cards (a card for each time that enters, plus custom cards of the winners).
  • Other things
  • Prizes are calculated on a points basis (points system explained below)
  • The grand tournament will be divided into three individual events, and they will not take place on a single day - each match will be arranged by tournament staff and take place in the arena or the event location specified.
  • Entrants in each round will have 72 hours to complete their match or face disqualification. If an entrant is unavailable during this time period, a guild can select a replacement. Only one replacement will be allowed per guild, per tournament element. Once all matches in a round have been completed, results will be posted and we will move onto the next round.
    The event will take place over a number of weeks, beginning the 8th of March at 1800EST.
  • Each guild will be given their first round opponents at this time and a member of tournament staff will seek to arrange the match. If a match is not completed within 96 hours, neither team will progress to round two.
  • Each guild can only enter once. Only two players can be selected for the 2v2, three for the 3v3, etc.
The three events:

2v2 tournament:
The matches will be conducted in the arena, order ruleset, templates, 700 skill cap, and each match will be a best of 3, with the exception of the final which will be best of 5. On Foot.

3v3 field tournament:
This tournament will take place in the old Sosarian dungeon of Deceit, which is being kindly opened up to us by staff. The dungeon will have no mobs present. There may be rares and other rewards scattered around the dungeon that winning guilds will be able to take with them upon the end of the round. Rules are to be confirmed pending feedback, but equipment is likely to be unrestricted. Obviously losing teams will lose everything that they carried into the fight, and the victors may carry it off. Characters with the animal taming skill will be excluded from entry. Each team will be teleported (as a full team) into one of two starting locations in the dungeon, with the enemy team taking the other location. This will be one round only, and ends when one team has been killed. On Foot.

4v4 field tournament:
This will follow exactly the same rules and specification as the 3v3, but taking place in dungeon Shame, and will be the only event of the three to be conducted on mounts.

Each mini-tournament will be scored on an individual basis, as well as contributing to a league table for the overall grand tournament.
For each round that a team enters, a single point is rewarded, with two points given to the winner of each of the three tournaments. So if guild A was to progress to the second round of the 1v1 tournament, they would receive two points. If guild B was to win the tournament, they would receive - for example - 7 points (entry into 5 rounds including the final = 5 points, winning = 2 points)

A league table will be kept up to date, reading like this:

Grand tournament league table after two tournaments (2v2 and 4v4)
Guild D: 12 points (10 rounds completed, winner x1)
Guild B: 12 points (10 rounds completed, winner x1)
Guild C: 9 points (9 rounds completed)
Guild F: 8 points (8 rounds completed)
etc etc

The guild at the top of the league table at the end of all three mini tournaments is the winner of the grand tournament. Other high scoring guilds will also be well rewarded. There will also be a special reward (but no points) for the team winning the sportsmanship/honor award which will be decided upon by tournament staff. Misbehaving teams will be given 1 warning, then disqualified.

Sign your guild up here or contact me in discord, ASAP. Player/character names will be required at a later date.
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5 guilds signed up so far -


I believe [1CE] are also signing up. [Boyz] [Rekt] [$] [$$$] [RAQ] [PEC] [CNN] where are you?
The event will take place in a full league system if we have less than 8 teams (meaning each team will play each team). If we get 8 teams or more we will work on elimination format.

RAQ and $$$ are confirmed as not entering, RAQ give ping as their reason, $$$ because I am the organiser....
[SUP] and [1CE] are confirmed, taking us to 7 teams. One more and we'll have an elimination system.
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Tournament starts tomorrow with the 3v3, and whilst I'm waiting for confirmation of entry from both [boyz] and [PEC] - which will indicate if this is a round-robin or elimination event, the first match-ups will be:

[-U-] vs [SUP]
[1CE] vs [SOF]
[Trin] vs [/M\]
[LoD] vs

LoD will be matched up with the 8th guild if one joins, if not will have a 'match in hand' in the round robin.

I'll contact each guild leader tomorrow to begin arranging the matches. Guilds will have exactly four days to complete these first matches before the next round.
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Confirmed 8th team is [boyz]

1st round (1600 EST 8th March - 1800 EST 11th March)
Match 1. [-U-] vs [SUP]
Match 2. [1CE] vs [SOF]
Match 3. [Trin] vs [/M\]
Match 4. [LoD] vs [boyz]

Winners of match 1 vs winners of match 2.
Winners of match 3 vs winners of match 4.

The 3v3 begins tonight at 1800 EST, and all first round/quarter final matches must be completed by 1800 EST on Monday (11th March). The 3v3 rounds take place in Dungeon Deceit and are unmounted by default, unless both competing teams state prior to the commencement of the match that they wish to contest their match mounted. One team will start on level 1, one on level 4. All characters except tamers are allowed, and any and all equipment can be worn.

Rares and other items may be scattered across the dungeon prior to the match. The victors can carry these and their opponents loot out of the dungeon with them.

I will be contacting members of each guild tonight to begin arranging matches.
Erik, each match should be recorded, so I'm hopeful these can be shared afterwards.

LoD pulled out after being paired with boyz.
Trin have dropped out due to timezone differences/problems arranging their match with /M\.

This leaves the 1st round matches as:
[-U-] vs [SUP] (as yet unscheduled)
[1CE] vs [SOF] (scheduled for 9pm tonight)
[/M\] vs [boyz] (as yet unscheduled)

the 2nd round (and final) will therefore involve all three 1st round winners, with each team fighting the other two in separate matches.