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Paragon Chest Opening Service. For free of course.

I will open all lesser, regular and greater paragon chests for free!

Simply PM me over discord and we can meet up. My discord name is bartimus and my in game name is Abe Simpson

I have been doing this for a week or so, with many happy clients thus far. I was a bit slow and failed to create a forum post.

The service is completely FREE but tips are welcome if you feel inclined.

See you out in the field!

A great and prompt locksmith that works for the joy of his trade. I tipped him a skillscroll for his time as no man of the Prevalia Empire should work for free! I recommend this fellow for all ye locksmith needs!
He opened over 5 chest for me and I still have one more :D! Also opened another 9+ for the guild.
Appreciate the awesome help and, if you guys need a chest open hes your man!
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