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PATCH Patch Notes for April 6, 2019


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Patch Notes

Active Skill Gain
  • The Active Skill Gain Mechanic has been removed entirely and all skills that previously could benefit from Active Skill Gain now have had their base skill gain rate increased by 5x normal
  • Lumberjacking skill gain has been substantially increased

Taming Society Jobs
  • Fixed an issue where taming jobs for non-tamable creatures were being generated

Aspect Phylacteries
Players who double-click an Aspect Phylactery now have two options to choose from:
  • 1) Ensure their next Melee Weapon hit or Spellcast with an an aspect weapon or aspect spellbook of that aspect type is a guaranteed Aspect Special
  • 2) Restore one Activation for that particular aspect for the player

Players can only restore an activation if they are missing one (they can't increase their activations available above their current maximum)

And thus came the end of the 2018-2019 bird genocide. Prevalia graveyard left undisturbed for more than 10 minutes for the first time since server started!
Now I know after a month of my Phylactery stock not moving at all one dude came and bought them all for whatever price I asked. Dude had insider information! This patch is awesome,
I always said I liked Luthius. Now I see why. Active skill gain is dead. I'm too new to appreciate the Phylactery thing but, I'm glad I didn't sell mine. :cool: