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PATCH Patch Notes for March 15, 2019


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Patch Notes

St. Patrick's Day
  • Added Shimmer Shamrock cloth (hue 2664) to the Prevalia Market Merchant as a very limited-time cloth this weekend
  • We will be doing a small St. Patrick's day event on Monday the 18th

Aspect Gear
  • Players are now allowed to keep one Aspect Weapon, one Aspect Spellbook, and one Aspect Armor set in their bank (without it losing it's aspect)
  • If a player activates another aspect, however, any stored aspect item in their bankbox of that same type (weapon/spellbook/armor set) will lose it's aspect

Faction Struggles
  • The effective "Zone" for each Faction Struggle now is its respective entire town guard zone (players are considered to leave a Faction Struggle area now when leaving the town)
  • Players who are participating in a Faction Struggle should no longer be able to perform any Harmful/Beneficial actions against non-Participants and vice versa (unless the target player is Criminal)
  • Added a 5 minute post-Faction Struggle threshold for Murderers not to be guardwhacked while in that respective town
  • Players who spawn at a Respawn zone (and not a Capture Zone) will appear at the location hidden, along with their followers, and will not make a "spawn" sound

Corpse Creek Contest
  • Fixed an issue where players in houses were counting as valid participants for control in the Corpse Creek Contest
  • Changed the text hue of the "A Corpse Creek Contest has begun"
  • Added an aditional notification 5 seconds after a Faction Struggle ends notifying players that a Corpse Creek Contest will begin shortly

Murderer Resurrection
  • Fixed an issue where Murderer players weren't receiving the Murderer Resurrection Gump upon resurrection (was always treating player as having been killed in a "Ress Penalty Free Zone")
  • Fixed an issue where Murderers resurrecting sometimes wouldnt receive their required Account Aggression Restriction

Account Aggression Restriction
  • Players who have an Account Aggression Restriction in place can no longer cast any harmful summons (Blade Spirits / Energy Vortex), harmful field spells (Fire Field, Poison Field, Paralyze Field) or AoE spells (Mass Curse, Meteor Swarm, Chain Lighting, Earthquake)

Field Spells and Moongates/Teleporters
  • Players can no longer cast Fire Fields, Poison Fields, and Paralyze Fields within 5 tiles of a Moongate or Teleporter (mechanic already applies to Wall of Stone and Energy Field)
  • Any part of a field that extends out within 5 tiles of a Moongate / Teleporter won't be created

House Resurrection
  • Players may only resurrect inside of houses if they are Friended, Co-Owner, or Owners to it

Player Spell Hues
  • Fixed a large number of issues with Player Customization Spell Hues in game as well as displayed hues icons in the Spell Hues Menu
  • Updated several existing spell hue colors to better match the respective clothing hue / item hue (the hue in the Spell Hue Menu will reflect the adjusted hue number)

  • A player who leaves a guild or is dismissed from a guild cannot rejoin another guild for 1 hour

Magic Spellbooks
  • Magic Spellbooks now display an overhead text message when at 20% and 10% uses remaining (and will break when at 0% uses remaining)

House Lockdowns / Secures
  • Fixed a text display issue when locking down / releasing items where the system message text was not factoring in secure containers into the player's remaining lockdown numbers

Clothing Alteration Kits / Dye Tubs
  • Players can no longer dye or alter a clothing/headgear's hue while it has an Aspect activated

  • Players can now launch ships while on Houseboats
  • A player firing a ship's cannons will now be revealed
  • Fixed an issue where loot drop Ship Upgrade Deeds would sometimes occur that displayed as "Privateer" outfitting upgrade but would actually be a "blank" upgrade (and would show as blank when installed)

Animal Taming
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to gain taming skill on previously tamed creatures
  • Fixed a math rounding error with Passive Animal Taming gains that would sometimes result in players going slightly over the 2.5 Passive Taming Skill Gain cap

Movement Speed Throttles
  • Added some additional safety mechanics to prevent any form of "Speedhack" or issues where players "appear" to be moving faster than possible or floating

Explosive Containers
  • Fixed an issue where player-made explosive containers were dealing much less damage than intended

Arms Lore Context Menu
  • Removed the Arms Lore Context Menu Entry on Weapons, Armor, Instruments, and Magic Spellbooks

Disguise Kits
  • If a player attempts to enter an invalid name while using a Mastercrafted Disguise kit, it will no longer automatically proceed with applying the disguise (will randomly assign a new name but stay in the Disguise Kit gump menu)

  • Dyed Shields can no longer be added to Storage Shelves
  • Single-clicking a Dyed Shield should now display the hue number

Storage Shelves
  • Players should now be able to add Veterinary Supplies, Boarding Ropes, and Ship Repair Kits to storage shelves

Society Jobs
  • Removed old Aspect Mould items from Society Jobs list and replaced with Aspect Kits

MobileDeltas (Status Bars / Player Values Updates)
  • Fixed an issue where poisoned players / creatures sometimes wouldn't display a green statusbar
  • Fixed a crash issue related to with player values changing
All great things, thanks so much fellas.
Any input on why the aspect gear seems to be burning through essence faster than normal (like it was before the patch that reduced by 50%?) I know several people were talking about it on discord.