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PATCH Patch Notes for November 29, 2018


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Patch Notes


  • Players will no longer consume any resources (Reagents, Bandages, Ammunition, Scrolls, and Potions) nor take durability damage to weapons and armor while fighting in the arena during Duels or Tournaments
  • Players will now require 1 Arena Credit to take part in a Duel (1 Arena Credit costs 100 gold)

Barding Difficulty
  • Reduced the difficulty of barding creatures moderately
  • Success chance to bard a creature is now ((Effective Barding Skill - (Creature Difficulty Value * 1.5)) / 100)

Bard Songs
  • Bard Songs should now display the correct effect description for each song type
  • Players now have a cooldown of 10 seconds for using each Bard song (meant to prevent visual spamming)

Lyric Aspect Weapon / Spellbook
  • Fixed an issue where Aspect Weapon/Spellbook triggered effects for Lyric Aspect wouldnt reset a player's current barding durations

Lyric Aspect Armor

  • Removed the "Damage Reduction After Failed Barding Attempt" mechanic from Lyric Armor
  • Lyric Aspect Armor now improves Bard Song Effectiveness by (12.5% + 3.75% per Tier Level)

Aspect Armor Durability
  • Fixed an issue where Aspect Armor and Weapons crafted from items with colored materials werent receive the Durability bonus provided by those colored materials
  • All existing Aspect Gear has had their Max Durability increased by 50 to compensate for this (and newly crafted Aspect Gear should now have the correct Durability amounts)

Resurrecting Pets
  • Rolled back the code that caused an issue with players being unable to resurrect pets with bandages

Hiding Skill
  • Fixed an issue with players failing at Hiding when in valid scenarios
  • Players should always be able to hide now while currently already hidden (via Invisibility spell)

Alacrity Scrolls

  • Due to the rollback we had several days ago and the unexpected downtime to fix a code issue, all players will receive an "Alacrity Scroll" in their backpack
  • Alacrity Scrolls are blessed and only usable by that player
  • Alacrity Scrolls must be used within 1 week of receiving them
  • Players can double-click an Alacrity Scroll to open a gump menu, where they may chose a bonus to receive for the next 6 hours with that character
  • Upon making a selection, the player must select the "Activate Bonus" twice to confirm and activate the bonus for that player

Players may chose from the following bonuses:
  • +25% Gold Drops (will not increased Mini-Boss or Boss Gold amounts, and will not stack with other player's Alacrity Gold Drop bonuses)
  • +25% Skill Gain (will apply to all skills including crafting, harvesting, and taming)

Explosion Potions
  • Players should no longer be able to be damaged while inside a house by an explosion potion that is outside the house

Passive Animal Taming
  • Players should no longer use up Passive Taming Skill if they are currently at their Animal Taming skill cap

Paragon Chests
  • Paragon Chests should now be flippable / rotatable with the Home Decorator Tool

Shield Taunt
  • Fixed a typo in the Shield Taunt system message

Spirit Speaking Absorption
  • Dropped absorption amount a small amount (we're almost there, we promise!)

Item Identification
  • The 115 skill Item Identification mechanic has been removed (was the cause of the server hangs we were experiencing) and will be replaced with an alternate mechanic very soon

Tracking Skill
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes could still track deceased players or creatures

Society Jobs
  • Society Jobs involving killing paragon creatures, sinking paragon ships, or unlocking paragon chests should now work properly (players were receiving credit for multiple paragons for a single instance)
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Glad to see a very proactive approach is being taken regards to balancing skills.

Friendly reminder to keep updating skill summary documentation though when skills have their formulas changed! :)
Just a note: it looks like the skill gain rate has been increased by 25% of your current skill gain rate. For example, if your current skill gain rate is 0.100%, your new rate will be 0.125%. Don't expect it to be 25.100%. Something like that... still working on my coffee. :p