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PATCH Patch Notes for November 8, 2018


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Patch Notes

Special and Rare Item Loot
  • Fixed a bug that was causing loot drops on special items (such as skill mastery scrolls) and rare items (such as dyes) to slowly creep up over time

Creature AI
  • Made several improvements to pet responsiveness (especially when following a moving player) and enemy creature AI response times

  • ShowSkillGain will not display text for players attempting any skill they have 0% success chance at nor any skill they have skill gain set toggled to down or locked in the skills gump

Clothing Alteration Kit
  • Clothing Alteration Kits should now work correctly on Neckwear (Scarves / Neckerchiefs)

Achievement Totals
  • Fixed the system that calculates the total number of achievements each account has completed in total and for each category, and now correctly generates a server rank for that account in the Achievements Gump window

Prestige / Society Progress
  • Fixed an issue where progress amounts were being displayed in large percentages

Cambrian Stone Cellar House
  • Fixed an issue with the Ban Location for these house types

Shrine Corruptions
  • Players will no longer be able to ressurect at a Corrupted Shrine

Locked Containers and Rental Vendors
  • Players viewing locked containers on rental vendors will not be able to view inside them (the vendor's owner will, however)

Disguise Kits
  • Fixed an issue where players using a disguise kit twice in a row could lose their "original" hair/skin; players will have to remove a disguise first in order to apply a new one

Furniture Dyes and Donation Maps
  • Players can now dye Donation Map items with Furniture Dyes

Player-Made Moongates
  • Players will now have to confirm a Moongate Gump for entering any player-made moongate (via Gate Spell) to enter them
thanks for the hard work! i love checking these patch notes for new features:) hopefully suggestions from the forums and discord continue to be implemented over time