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Player-Crafted Artisan Clothing

Howdy! I haven't posted in a while and wasn't sure where to put this... so here seems as good a place as any!

Legendary Tailors are able to craft a variety of "Artisan Clothing Items" which will enhance your wardrobe and draw the envy of your peers. The price is high though, each item requiring various numbers of Mastercrafting Diagrams.

Due to this limitation, and there not being very much information out there regarding Artisan clothing, I thought I'd put together this little overview. I won't be getting into the weeds on this intro, just wanted to post samples of what to expect; perhaps a guide folks could browse through before making a decision on which items they want crafted.

Anyway, without any more delay; here's the goods:

Blindfold: 4 Cloth, 2 MCD


Trilby Hat: 6 Cloth, 3 MCD


Cowled Hood: 8 Cloth, 4 MCD


Scarf: 6 Cloth, 3 MCD


Ruffled Cloak: 8 Cloth, 3 MCD


Long Overcoat: 14 Cloth, 5 MCD


Tunic with Sash: 12 Cloth, 4 MCD


Mage's Robe: 14 Cloth, 5 MCD


Ruffled Dress: 14 Cloth, 5 MCD


Nobleman's Shirt: 10 Cloth, 4 MCD


Leather Belt: 6 Cloth, 2 MCD


Pleated Skirt: 8 Cloth, 3 MCD


Slim Trousers: 8 Cloth, 3 MCD


Fur Skin Boots: 8 Cloth, 3 MCD


And finally, what they look like in color. I used a plain dye tub, but did test out specialty cloth. Not everything takes to color very well, some things are best left original; but that's completely up to you! :D




And some final notes:

- Trilby Hat, Blindfold, Scarf, and Cowled Hood are Armor Pieces which can be blessed with a Clothing Bless Deed, and can be part of an aspect set.
- Long Overcoat and Tunic with Sash would be SO much better if they were layered OVER the armored arms (like the Mage's Robe and Ruffled Dress).

Please feel free to add any comments below, and my apologies if this topic has already been covered! Peace! :D