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Poisoning, and it's application in PVP.

With progressive curing and heal through poison, poisoning is almost worthless in PVP, except for PKing. I've tried it with GM taste ID as well, and I have 120 poisoning. Then lethal gets added for mage casts, but only has PVM application.

I personally think either progressive curing has to go, or heal through poison. With both of them active, poisoning is not a threat whatsoever. Imagine building your template around the idea of doing some real work with nox, just to have anybody without poisoning or taste ID cure it in two pots.

I don't want it to be impossible to cure, nor do I want poisoning to be buffed to heaven. I just think maybe more of a look should be taken at it, as in it's current state it really sucks. Nox has always been an integral part of UO PVP, especially in the duel pits (poison blocking). Allowing mages to cast LP or decreasing the rate of progressive curing should do it some good.
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Currently with 120 taste ID and 120 Poisoning the guaranteed chance of someone curing your poison is a measly 5 gcures. I usually carry 25 cure pots so poison dexxers are absolutely no threat. Shame that a template that takes so much work and so many resources to grind to 120 is nullified by 5 pots. I'm all for progressive curing getting nixxed.
As a nox roach mage, designed to wear and tear an opponent (keeping in mind limited mana pool), the recent changes have all but made me obsolete.

As a mage I can't cast lethal poison on players (yet I've had dexxers hit me back to back with lethal hits, and sucked up 5-6 cure pot in seconds), and if I sink points into Taste ID, in order to make it nominally harder to cure (what 3 pots max for 20% chance of DP at 100 poisoning, instead of 2), i'm severely removing my ability to conserve mana, because I'll be dropping a skill (healing or parry) that helps me conserve mana against these other builds. With 111 mana, you average about 111 damage casting spells (and you still have to get players nox'd, and have it tick - which costs mana).

I feel like the recent changes to poisoning, were meant to sink 200 points into an OP lethal poison dexxer build, and the mages were just a casualty of the equation.. Progressive Curing really is the crux of the problem, as it isn't needed if you are GP or DP'd, but I can understand being LP'd, how deadly that can be, as such can see the need for it..

Either give mages some form of LP in PvP, or change progressive curing to not affect the lesser poisons..
Either give mages some form of LP in PvP, or change progressive curing to not affect the lesser poisons..
Seeing as you need to invest heavily into poisoning with resources, time, and skill scrolls to even have the ability to use lethal I'd be happy with removing progressive curing for everything except LP. With 120 taste ID and Poisoning, whats the max pot usage to cure LP?
Max is between 4 and 5. There's no delay on pot chugging, so people can get the cure off before you even see an effect from poisoning. It should be this easy to deal with WITHOUT the caster having poisoning and taste ID.

Honestly, if I didn't have 120 poisoning, I'd get rid of it entirely.