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Should idoc to drop be random 12-24 hours?

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-Whats your thoughts?
-Should they change to exact time to drop?
-Should it be 12-24 random with sign changing to some notification of it dropping soon.

Please vote!


Random, It will keep people from just recalling in 10 deep moments before drop or worse, script placing a house.
Random, It will keep people from just recalling in 10 deep moments before drop or worse, script placing a house.
a timer 15-30min till you can place a house over a spot where a idoc did fall to combat script placing + cooldown 1min after every place try ;).


seems like a lot of extra code for very little gain. Leaving it random would avoid the problem rather than creating and solving it.

edit: I'm down for tightening it up to 12-18 hours. Most of us just don't have the time to watch a house like we used to in the old days.
I've played uo the past 10 years and the most fun I've had is doing idocs. I wish there was a way to combat script timing tbecause that's the most toxic part of idocs.

For those who do idocs, a fixed timer is the reward for the mundane grind of scouting for fairly/greatly worn houses, recalling dozens of times daily with your guild and then securing the idoc (which is great for pvp). A random timer means it's not worth any of the time investment to do idocs. Idocs are a big part of the game and a random timer of 12 hours of 24 hours kills idocs UNLESS it was changed to a small randomized window of 2-4 or 4-6 hours, etc. That gives some variability and remember if your timer on the change from gw->idoc is 1 hour, that random timer is now technically 3 hours long. That's a lot of time to sit at a house fighting or waiting for it to drop.

If there's is a way for staff to mitigate script timing that would be amazing but I believe that's very hard/impossible.

With regards to script placing, reduce the timer on house deeds being blessed down to 10 minutes. People don't need 1 hour to buy a deed, recall to a plot and place a house. 10 minutes its lots of time. Remember house deeds used to not be blessed at all.
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Definitely needs to be random, otherwise one group will take over all the idocs. Which we've already seen happening with the non-random timer we've had for the past 5 months.
Or set the houses up for auction after they hit their IDOC timer, starting at double the deed cost. If no one places a bid it drops. I'm sure they could add some PvP elements to it. Maybe it requires you to be within range for x minutes before bidding, or the items still fall outside the house randomly after the house transfers.
Suggestion: Trap Idoc. With 120 Carp, Tinker, and a shit-load of MCDs a player can create a Trap House (Not to be confused with Chapo Trap House.) This house will appear to be a normal house, but it has no secures and none of the other housing options nor benefits, however, you can lock down items and deco to make your lure more convincing. Double clicking the floor reveals containers wherein you place kegs of purple pots.

Once activated, the timer starts counting down and the house begins aging just like a normal house.. but when it reaches zero...