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Imperium Prevalia


Imperium Prevalia (Prevalian Empire) is a lite-RP guild based in Prevalia. Although our core members are more strict about the RP we will be considering ourselves lite-RP to appeal to players of varying experience with that aspect of the game. The guild will accept all kinds of play styles ; PvP, PvM, crafters etc to become citizens in the Empire. Our PvP players will join either the Prevalian Legion or the Prevalian Imperial Navy, for land and sea respectively. Players new to UO are welcome as well, were more than happy to help in anyway we can.

PVP: Our legionnaires will be the land based pvp arm of the Empire. They will focus on fighting all enemies of the empire, be that other guilds, PKs, thieves etc. Additionally the Legion will have an internal system of dueling/combat to ensure the best PvPers in the Empire rise to the top ranks in the guild. (More on this system to come, will post it when its finished). The Prevalian Imperial Navy will be our sea combat wing of the guild. They will patrol Prevalian waters and keep the ocean safe for citizen's passage.

PVM: We are planning guild dungeon crawls on a regular basis, with protection by the Legion and when in larger groups PVM players will be safe to enjoy their favorite aspect of the game.

Crafters: Crafters will enjoy the internal market that we will provide, constantly needing their goods (weapons, armor, boats, pots, scrolls etc.) the guild will be more than happy to keep filling their own crafter's pockets rather than go outside the empire. Additionally a community of crafters will provide help to one another with advice and resources.

We are basing our RP on ancient Rome which we feel fits with the shard lore of Prevalia being the historical capitol of the Empire that stretched the known world. So our over arching RP goal is to see the world under Prevalian rule, while some may think thats evil, we see it as bringing back an era of peace and prosperity our form of Pax Roma (Pax Prevaliana).

Interested or have any questions? Message me here or join us in our discord: https://discord.gg/ePZvHQQ
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Maybe there needs to be a Hunnic Khaganate to counterbalance this situation. Anybody up to join an army of horse archers?
I already joined Imperium, I recommend it to everyone who likes to play with good company, although I would like to see more europeans in our team