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Imperium Prevalia would like to introduce the newest aspect of our guild. We call it "Role Playing Pathways." It was a system that was created in order to provide citizens (non pvp players in the guild) the opportunity to advance in "ranks" and gain unique guild titles by accomplishing various tasks. Some of these tasks are based on skill, while others rely solely on role playing. Members of the guild are not required to choose a pathway, only those who wish to. It is an adjunct to a player's role play and will add to a player's character's "story."

These are the first four pathways to be developed and subsequent posts will detail the steps required to advance.

The first detailed pathway is "The Enlightened." For those who's journey is one of education. If a citizen so chooses to head down this pathway he/she will obtain the guild title of Student.

Student to Graduate: In order to graduate the player must gain knowledge (grandmaster two) in academic related skills - Alchemy, Anatomy, Animal Lore, Arms Lore, Forensic Evaluation, Item Identification, Magery, Tactics

Graduate to Scholar: one must choose a subject of study. Be it a destination (city, point of interest, dungeon, shrine) a person/group of people (Famous in game character [like Emperor Iaric IV], race [Orcs], nationality [Adarians] etc.) or game lore historical event. The player with then create an RP story with a resulting survey report on the subject. If accepted by their peers (other Graduates or higher Enlightened members) then the player will advance to a Scholar.

Scholar to Philosopher: advancement will require an in game event set up by the Scholar, to expound knowledge on other members of the Enlightened and guild as a whole. It may be a lecture, a field study or expedition, it is up to the Scholar's discretion. If this event is deemed worthy by their peers (Scholars/Philosophers) then they will become a philosopher.


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The Call of the Wild is the path for those who see themselves a the outsiders to society, who would rather sleep in the the woods than the inn. A guild member looking to take this path will obtain the title of Forester. To advance one must complete the tasks below:

Forester to Outdoorsman: The player grandmaster 2 of the following skills - Camping, Tracking, Hiding, Stealth, Animal Lore

Outdoorsman to Frontiersman: one must learn to live off the land and reap its rewards to advance. This requires gathering at least 2,000 of each of the following resources - Hides, Wool, Feathers, Meat, kindling

Frontiersman to Ranger: the player will leave society and document their travels in an RP story posted to this forum. If the story is accepted as sufficient they will earn that title.
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A pathway for those who's pursuit of happiness is summed up in the pursuit of wealth. When a citizen chooses this pathway they are given the title of Barterer. The advancement tasks are as follows:

Barterer to Trader: Open a vendor at an Imperium Prevalia vendor house

Trader to Merchant: Complete a customized task given by either the Prevalia Chamber of Commerce or the Aedile.

Merchant to Entrepreneur: Undergo a trading expedition, be it by land or sea route, document the progress in an RP story posted to this forum.
Beast Master pathway:

The path for those who have the strength of will and animalistic affinity to control and command the wild creatures of Avadon. A guild member looking to take this path will obtain the title of Animal Handler. To advance one must complete the tasks below:

Animal Handler to Animal Trainer: The player grandmaster both Animal Taming and Animal Lore.

Animal Trainer to Beast Guide: Tame 5 control slots worth of creatures with a minimum taming of 100 or more, and raise them to level 10.

Beast Guide to Beast Master: RP story about how you acquired and developed a high level (min taming of 100 or more) pet.
An Entrepreneur on the way!

I, Forlorn, have been ordered to make ten full sets of female platemail armors, and the order was from the Horseshoe Bay. As a dwarf that has never set sail before, this order was freightening and unignorable. So I grab my hammer, forged ten sets of armor in the flames of Outpost forges, packed them up and reached out to The Blackstone Company. Their leader Derek told me about their experience in the seas, how they fought off vikings countless times and that their glorious ship The Crimson Orca is unsinkable. With his salesman attitude and self assured posture, he convinced me into signing a contract with them. The contracts content was:

1. The Crimson Orca will set sail at 12 PM on the 23rd day of February.
2. The ship and the crew will be going to Horseshoe Bay, from the docks of Outpost.
3. The ship crew will be provided by The Blackstone Company and their allegiance is pure and forever.
4. Payment will be done AFTER the payer and the crew disembarks safely to the Horseshoe Bay docks.
5. The payment is 2000 golds per crew member provided by The Blackstone Company, which will be no less than three, but no more than five soldiers.
6. The Blackstone Company offered an insurance plan for the goods of the payer, but it was declined.
7. In the event of the ship sinking, everyone should save their own lives first, no property is more important than someones life.

After signing the contract, I've waited for the time to come with my palms getting sweaty with the thoughts of rapidly approaching gold. When the time came, I went to the docks of Outpost.

Ekran Görüntüsü (49).png

Ekran Görüntüsü (50).png
Ekran Görüntüsü (51).png

They brought four soldiers as crew members, one of them, Garrett Longley, was not even a member of The Blackstone Company! It was his first time on any ship as it was mine! At that moment, I thought something was fishy. Even though it was the biggest and only ship that I have ever seen, I was starting to fear for my life. When we embarked, the crew asked if anyone brought cannon balls with them. Derek eyed the whole crew and they went silent. I had my one brow raised at the thought of us having no cannon balls but their claimed experience cannot be a lie, look at the size of that ship!

Ekran Görüntüsü (53).png
Ekran Görüntüsü (54).png

So we set sail. We went and went. With the waves hitting the side boards of the ship, I have felt something I have never felt in my stomach before, it was feeling funny and not in the good way. I hold on to the side boards of the ship and leaned forward, a little hurl followed right after. Didn't know my stomach could do that, I'd seen that a lot in The Stranded Prevalian, some weak stomachs puking out the ale they couldn't handle. We didn't stop, we stayed close to the east coast of the Avadon, but never disembarked the ship. We saw some fishermen ships on the way, some were peacefully fishing, some were fighting with pirates to save their lives. If we had cannon balls, we would help them, maybe save them from those foul creatures that are pirates, but we were just unlucky that we didn't have any cannon balls. I'm sure The Crimson Orca would stand strong in the case of a sea battle.

Ekran Görüntüsü (66).png

We got ourselves clear of pirates, with the fierce wind blowing behind us and the strongest sail that is fixed to The Crimson Orca, we sailed fast. Right after we got ourselves clear from the pirates, we were around the docks of the Horseshoe Bay. I was surprised that the pirates could survive this close to a major city of Avadon. The Horseshoe Bay navy should check their coasts if they want to remain the number one fishing city of the mainland.

Ekran Görüntüsü (72).png

Ekran Görüntüsü (73).png

Inexperienced that I am, I threw myself overboard trying to disembark safely onto the docks of Horseshoe Bay. I had the heaviest armor on and on top of that I didn't know how to swim! I felt my last breath drawn away from me while the salt water filled my lungs. The crew threw chains in the sea and caught me with it. They pulled me up and revived me on the spot. I owe my life to the crew of The Blackstone Company.

Ekran Görüntüsü (75).png

Ekran Görüntüsü (76).png
Ekran Görüntüsü (79).png

A big thanks to The Blackstone Company for escorting me through the wild and dangerous seas of eastern coast. They have successfully transport me and my precious cargo to Horseshoe Bay. Thus concluded the trading expedition of a life time.

Going on board a ship?
-"Never again."

Forlorn of the Imperium Prevalia