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Imperium Prevalia would like to introduce the newest aspect of our guild. We call it "Role Playing Pathways." It was a system that was created in order to provide citizens (non pvp players in the guild) the opportunity to advance in "ranks" and gain unique guild titles by accomplishing various tasks. Some of these tasks are based on skill, while others rely solely on role playing. Members of the guild are not required to choose a pathway, only those who wish to. It is an adjunct to a player's role play and will add to a player's character's "story."

These are the first four pathways to be developed and subsequent posts will detail the steps required to advance.

The first detailed pathway is "The Enlightened." For those who's journey is one of education. If a citizen so chooses to head down this pathway he/she will obtain the guild title of Student.

Student to Graduate: In order to graduate the player must gain knowledge (grandmaster two) in academic related skills - Alchemy, Anatomy, Animal Lore, Arms Lore, Forensic Evaluation, Item Identification, Magery, Tactics

Graduate to Scholar: one must choose a subject of study. Be it a destination (city, point of interest, dungeon, shrine) a person/group of people (Famous in game character [like Emperor Iaric IV], race [Orcs], nationality [Adarians] etc.) or game lore historical event. The player with then create an RP story with a resulting survey report on the subject. If accepted by their peers (other Graduates or higher Enlightened members) then the player will advance to a Scholar.

Scholar to Philosopher: advancement will require an in game event set up by the Scholar, to expound knowledge on other members of the Enlightened and guild as a whole. It may be a lecture, a field study or expedition, it is up to the Scholar's discretion. If this event is deemed worthy by their peers (Scholars/Philosophers) then they will become a philosopher.


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The Call of the Wild is the path for those who see themselves a the outsiders to society, who would rather sleep in the the woods than the inn. A guild member looking to take this path will obtain the title of Forester. To advance one must complete the tasks below:

Forester to Outdoorsman: The player grandmaster 2 of the following skills - Camping, Tracking, Hiding, Stealth, Animal Lore

Outdoorsman to Frontiersman: one must learn to live off the land and reap its rewards to advance. This requires gathering at least 2,000 of each of the following resources - Hides, Wool, Feathers, Meat, kindling

Frontiersman to Ranger: the player will leave society and document their travels in an RP story posted to this forum. If the story is accepted as sufficient they will earn that title.
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A pathway for those who's pursuit of happiness is summed up in the pursuit of wealth. When a citizen chooses this pathway they are given the title of Barterer. The advancement tasks are as follows:

Barterer to Trader: Open a vendor at an Imperium Prevalia vendor house

Trader to Merchant: Complete a customized task given by either the Prevalia Chamber of Commerce or the Aedile.

Merchant to Entrepreneur: Undergo a trading expedition, be it by land or sea route, document the progress in an RP story posted to this forum.

This pathway is for those looking for answers in the spiritual realm. Delve deep into the Imperial state religion to find the solution to all questions.

The tasks needed to advance are not known to any outsider and will be presented only to those willing to undertake the journey.
Beast Master pathway:

The path for those who have the strength of will and animalistic affinity to control and command the wild creatures of Avadon. A guild member looking to take this path will obtain the title of Animal Handler. To advance one must complete the tasks below:

Animal Handler to Animal Trainer: The player grandmaster both Animal Taming and Animal Lore.

Animal Trainer to Beast Guide: Tame 5 control slots worth of creatures with a minimum taming of 100 or more, and raise them to level 10.

Beast Guide to Beast Master: RP story about how you acquired and developed a high level (min taming of 100 or more) pet.