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[PRN] The Prevalian Royal Navy (Rpvp guild)

The Prevalian Royal Navy is a role playing guild focused on player vs player combat. Although most of our efforts will be put towards sea combat our specialized marines will be taking the fight to the land as well. We are currently accepting recruits in anticipation of the server launch. Many of our current members have been gaming together on multiple UO shards as well as other MMOs and as a close knit group we're poised to jump right into Outlands and make an impact. Of course that's not to say we aren't looking for new members to fill out our ranks.

At the heart we are a role playing guild, our "role" in this world is the Royal Navy of the major city of Prevalia. As such we will be protecting our territorial waters, eliminating pirates and raiders, in order to keep the seas safe for Prevalian interests. We have decided to meld a mix of Spanish Conquistadors of the 1600-1700s and British Royal Navy of the 1700-1800s for our general role playing style; think arrogant and lawful. We do not expect players to speak in thees and thous, however we do want to keep any in game chat pertaining to the in game world as well as maintain the players role within the Navy (A cabin boy should not be talking back to the Admiral in game, however if there is a problem out of game in discord or even guild chat is completely fair game)

If you are interested in joining or have any questions feel free to message here or on discord with any name starting with [PRN]
Official announcement: [PRN] The Prevalian Royal Navy is pivoting to become [Prev] Imperium Prevalianum (Prevalian Empire). Instead of focusing only on Naval combat we will become the city guild of Prevlia. This opens the guild up to all manner of play styles and RP. We will still have a focus on naval pvp but will also have a dedicated land based pvp group and a civilian section for crafters and pvm players who want to still RP but not fight.