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proposals for pks/dungeons

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please dont flame the topic respond with well thought out responses

a list of checks and balances that would be nice for reds/dungeons
1. red res costs should double and cap off at a certain amount of gold
2.the gates on level 3 of dungeons should be removed this messes with the experience of uo (or move it to the front of lvl 3 would be a middle ground that is acceptable)
3.when reds die to monsters and are not in combat with no players flagged on them on screen there should be no penalty
4. something needs to be done about dungeon camming maybe 1 char per ip being allow in a dungeon at a time with exceptions ofc of ppl living together(if you have a better idea your input is welcome)
1. No cap. Your profit from killing blues is uncapped, so to should your penalty.
2. Yikes.
3. When a red player kills me with aspect gear, it should remain blessed.
4. idk kinda agree on this one to some degree but without exit portals i dont like any single blues chance on escaping level 3.
Raptor it is unbelievable you are proposing to make dungeons more comfortable for red gangs. Being unmounted is already a huge advantage for mage sync dumps. (and mage reds are all I see) A mage pk trio can clear a dungeon so easily its a sight to be seen. I wonder if that certain tamer red gang before nerfs was really worse than this or not. MB hits are huge. And people running away from gates is a problem for you? Dyeing to monsters is unfair for you when you go hunt people fighting them in the toughest parts of dungeons?

Reds are having such a good profit atm that they are only taking coin and leaving regs, bandages, arrows and items on the body. Meanwhile Pvmers who are claimed to be taking it easy are looting those 10-15 regs and bandages from mobs with gratitude.
where am i making it more comfortable on red making reds unable to use gates and removing them from level 3 is a huge hit and double money pentalys if you guys think it isnt fair for both side please respond and explain why this is the reason i made the topic
4-dungeon camming is a problem only for people who want to jump on pvmers, you want to prevent that
3-You want no penalty for dieing to monsters for reds
2-You want to be able to clog the only escape route soon as you step on lvl 3 of a dungeon.
1-You want a cap for res penalty

Result: you want to make life of a murderer easier.

That being said I should propose a solution myself: Criminals and reds are unable to use moongates. We will call our guildies or take our alts and you can have all the pvp you want if thats what you like.
shelter island is great for getting to 70 skills and learning. however for us lower level players we need more accessible and rewardong low level non newb areas to explore that offer more than 20-30gp before being pked :)

they probably exist we will learn over time (outside of cemetery)
I've hunted about 60k gold so far, usually in a buffed dungeon, and I've only been attacked by 4 pks since I started here. Of those 4, the dexxers got bored of chasing almost immediately and the mage couldn't make due with a paralyze dump despite me having no resisting spells so I ran off.

Maybe it's luck, but still it's interesting hearing about this oppressive murderer presence when the few times I see a red, he's getting chased by blues. Maybe I just have to play more (probably), but the balance seems fine to me with dungeon portals everywhere and a res-cost for pks.
Every one is getting to the point of trained chars, the reds rolling through slaughtering everyone should slow down dramatically. I farmed last night and fended off 2 attacks from a solo pk xhealing with a random blue.

I would hate to have a recall system in dungeons
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