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Proposed Solution for Rampant PKing

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Red players/PvPers need to realise that if you kill, dry loot and don't offer a res to casual, solo players - they will just go play something else where they don't feel like they're being bullied - and Outlands population will drop by half.
this is always the huge core agrument against reds but i thinks its not valid.

The real number of ppl that quit cause of pks is real tiny.

There will always ppl join and quit daily.

The ppl who quit by pks are the same who quit if they lose their stuff after dieing to mobs.
There are some good ones though. I saw a pair of reds yesterday completely ignore people grinding at the gate and chill around until real PVP came and formed up. That was exciting. Mindlessly farming newbs? Bad for the game.
This. There is an etiquette to pvp. And the pks with no etiquette that roll through killing new players, that obviously only have bandages and a weapon etc over and over are the problem.

Coming through and killing geared up tamers etc in lvl 3 is totally fine.
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