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PATCH PvM Testing Patch 5-4-18


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Patch Notes

  • Pacifying and Discording one's own tamed followers no longer is a criminal action

  • Fixed an issue with titles gump where the list of titles would overrun the gump menu
  • Fixed an issue where new characters would not have access to titles earned on account
  • Players now have an option to hide other player's overhead titles (Paperdoll -> Help -> Titles tab)

Murderers, Corpse Creek and Grey Zones
  • Corpse Creek is now considered a grey zone (all players and creatures flag as grey to other players while in town)
  • Murderers who die while in a grey zone or while at sea will not suffer resurrection penalties upon resurrection (their murder counts will not be reset to 5, however)
  • Murderers may now enter any town freely and participate in town-based faction struggles (and will not suffer resurrection penalties similar to with grey zones)

Faction Struggles
  • Added 6 new Dungeon locations to Faction Struggles
  • Fixed an issue with sorting stat categories in the Faction Struggle Results window
  • The Faction Struggle Results gump window now shows how many Faction Reward Points each player earns and how many Guild Prestige Points each guild earns
Players Earn Faction Reward Points as Follows (Total Score = Control Points + Kill Points):

Top Total Score on the Winning Faction: 10 Faction Reward Points
In Top 25% for Total Score on the Winning Faction: 8 Faction Reward Points
In Top 50% for Total Score on the Winning Faction: 6 Faction Reward Points
In Bottom 50% for Total Score on the Winning Faction: 4 Faction Reward Points
In Bottom 25% for Total Score on the Winning Faction: 2 Faction Reward Points

Top Total Score on the Losing Faction: 8 Faction Reward Points
In Top 25% for Total Score on the Losing Faction: 6 Faction Reward Points
In Top 50% for Total Score on the Losing Faction: 4 Faction Reward Points
In Bottom 50% for Total Score  on the Losing Faction: 2 Faction Reward Points
In Bottom 25% for Total Score on the Losing Faction: 1 Faction Reward Points

If a player uses multiple characters during a faction struggle, they will only earn Reward Points for their account based on the highest point total among all their participating characters

Any guilds with players participating in a faction struggle earn the following amounts of Guild Prestige Points:

Guilds in the Winning Faction: 5 Guild Prestige Points
Guilds in the Losing Faction: 3 Guild Prestige Points

  • Added dungeon spawns for new areas added for faction struggles (Capture Zone platforms)

  • Added new Achievements for Arena, Factions, and Societies (these categories offer no reward points, but have many titles)

  • Small Dragon Ship deed listing now available (was previously listed as duplicate of Small Ship)

  • "Animal Trainers" have been renamed to "Stablemasters"
  • The cost to store followers and retrieve followers from any Stablemaster has been reduced by 50% of previous amounts

Enemy NPC Ships
  • Overhauled the stats and skills of enemy NPC ship crewmembers
  • NPC ships should no longer pursue player ships more than 50 tiles beyond their spawn location

Ship Combat
  • Increased the damage that enemy and friendly NPC crewmembers deal in combat

Ship Boarding
  • Players may now make boarding attempts against enemy ships when they are at either 0 Sail Points or 0 Gun Points

Ship Stats and Cooldowns
  • Lesser Ability Cooldown is now 2 Minutes
  • Regular Ability Cooldown is now 4 Minutes
  • Greater Ability Cooldown is now 6 Minutes
  • Repair Cooldown is now 5 minutes
  • Boarding Attempt Cooldown is now 30 seconds
  • Crew Readiness Cooldown is now 10 Minutes

Ship Upgrades
  • Rebalanced most Ship Upgrade values
  • Removing an Upgrade or Crewmember from a ship now refunds 95% of the installation doubloon cost
  • Adjusted the doubloon price for Ship Upgrades and Ship Crewmembers
  • All positive values for ship upgrades will now display in green text in Ship Gumps / Ship Upgrade Gumps
  • All negative values for ship upgrades will now display in orange text in Ship Gumps / Ship Upgrade Gumps
  • Ship upgrades that reduce cooldown durations will now display with a "-" in front of them (and in green text)
  • Fixed an issue where Spyglass Search Distance was not displaying correctly as a ship stat

Ship Crewmembers
  • Fixed an issue that was giving player ship Crewmembers incorrect health amounts
  • Overhauled handling for ship crewmember targeting AI and notoriety flagging
  • Ship Crewmembers will never attack any players that flag "Green" to them (including players / creatures that are friends or co-owners of the ship they belong to)
  • Ship Crewmembers no longer have a "Recovery" timer upon death and are now instead automatically sent below deck upon death
  • When Ship Crewmembers are sent below deck (upon death or manually by the player) they are immediately healed to full hit points
  • When all ship crewmembers have been killed, the "Send Crew Below Deck" command is automatically toggled for the ship, and the "Crew Readiness" cooldown activates (which has a base duration of 10 seconds)

Ship Dockmasters
  • Dockmasters have been added to all docks in all towns
  • Players may approach any dockmaster in town and say "Dock" , "Ship", "Claim", or "Retrieve" to open the Dockmaster Menu
  • Players when docking a ship may target a nearby Dockmaster to dock the ship and immediately add the resulting ship deed at the dockmaster (the player and all players/creatures on the ship will then land next to the dockmaster)
  • Players may also store Ship Deeds at Dockmasters by clicking the "Add Ship Deed to Dock" button and targeting a Ship Deed in their backpack
  • Players have access to all ships stored across all characters on their account from any Dockmaster in any town
  • Players can view the Ship Gump for any of their stored ships in the Dockmaster menu by clicking the Inspect button
  • Players must pay a docking fee to Launch a Ship or Retrieve a Ship Deed currently stored at a dockmaster based on the number of days stored
  • Players cannot Launch a Ship or Retrieve a Ship Deed if they have recently been in combat with another player
Dock Fees are as follows:

Small Ship / Small Dragonship: 5 Gold Per Day
Medium Ship / Medium Dragonship: 10 Gold Per Day
Large Ship / Large Dragonship: 15 Gold Per Day
Carrack: 20 Gold Per Day
Galleon: 25 Gold Per Day

Ship Docking
  • Players docking a ship should now receive the correct amount of Cannon Shot and should stack with any existing Cannon Shot in a player's backpack

Ship Movement
  • Fixed a number of issues that would cause ships to halt movement

Ship Gumps and Hotbars
  • Fixed an issue where the installation button for several Upgrade slots weren't working correctly
  • Fixed numerous issues with incorrect upgrades displaying in Hotbars and Gumps
  • Hotbars and gumps will now autoupdate instantly when a player's ship fires cannons, reloads, uses abilities, or issues commands to crewmembers
  • Fixed an issue where the number of cannons per ship listed under Ship Stats was displaying incorrectly
  • The Ship Targeting Gump will now show the ship's current Targeting mode button with a checkmark
  • Updated the bandage handling for the Ship Crewmember Hotbar to allow for stationary bandage range (range 2)
  • When healing crewmembers using the Ship Crewmember Hotbar, if the crewmember is out of range for the action (bandage or casting heal) the targeted crewmember will say "I am too far away to be healed" (so the player can see where that crewmember currently is at)
  • Fixed an issue with using the Cast Heal button on the Ship Crewmember Hotbar where the targeting cursor would remain up after casting heal

Ship Commands
  • Added speech commands and [commands for nearly every ship function
  • Numerous speech and command options will now work while off ships and will target the nearest friendly ship applicable (such as "Embark")
  • Players may view available [commands and speech options for ships under Paperdoll -> Help -> Commands -> Ships Tab

Repairing Ships
  • If a ship has been out of combat for over 60 seconds, multiple players may now simultaneously repair a ship without any cooldown required
  • The Ship Repair gump now shows how many hit points (and % of total) each repair type (Hull / Sails / Guns) will do and shows the current ship's hit points values and percentages of maximum
  • Fixed an issue where Guns amount wasnt displaying correctly in the ship repair gump

  • Players may now search for Ships and Fishing Spots with spyglasses

Ship Floating Stat Bars
  • Players who are dead may now double click ship floating stat bars (to open that ship's menu)
  • Fixed an issue where ship floating bars would not display correct values when launching the ship

Tamed Creatures
  • Tamed creatures now gain experience on every kill, with amounts scaled based on the target creature's gold loot drop value (and experience will now accumulate in decimal amounts)
  • Ankheg Poison Resistance has been fixed

Passive Taming Skill Gain
  • Players now start with 0 Available Passive Taming Skill Gain stored
  • When players increase their Animal Taming skill by taming a creature, they bank an equal amount of Available Passive Taming Skill points (capped to a max of 2.5 points stored)
  • When players use their tamed creatures (of any Taming skill requirement) to kill creatures, they can passively gain taming skill if they have any banked Available Passive Taming Skill points stored
  • The chance to passively gain  AnimalTaming is scaled based on the player's current Taming Skill (increases at lower levels) and the difficulty of the creature killed (increases against higher difficulty creatures)

Skill Gain
  • Parrying skill gain now has a large bonus against non-summoned / non-tamed creatures, but total skill gain per target creature is capped (similar to skill gain for Magic Resist)
  • Players can now gain parrying skill with two-handed weapons
  • Skill gain rates for Healing and Veterinary increased dramatically
  • Skill gain rates for Mining and Lumberjacking increased dramatically

  • Players may now steal from stacks whose total weight exceeds the player's weight limit

  • Ancient and Elder Summons now should scale in duration when the player is above 100 Spirit Speaking skill

  • Updated tamed creature Traits for Cats and Dogs
  • Fixed and issue where some NPC fishing ships would spawn without Fishing Paint and Theme
  • Removed some decorative items on ships that would be left behind upon ship sinking / deletion (such as large fishing nets)
  • Renamed "Crew Rations" Upgrade to "Crew Supplies" Upgrade
  • Bags and Backpacks for starting characters are now Newbied instead of Blessed
  • Weaponsmiths now train Fencing, Macing, Swords, Tactics, and Parrying
  • Armorers now train Tailoring and Parrying