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PATCH PvM Testing Patch 6-8-18


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Patch Notes

  • Added a "Legendary" title for the most difficult achievement of each existing Achievement set

  • Fixed a number of issues with Arena Gumps for tournaments
  • Fixed a number of display issues for Player Stats displaying and sorting
  • Added a series of Braziers to the arena indicating which Duel Pits are currently in use (a flamestrike will also appear when a new match begins in a Duel Pit)
  • When a Tournament Round begins, a progress bar will appear over the Arena Stone that will count down until matches begin (5 minutes countdown)
  • Added system messages for players notifying them how much time is remaining until a round's matches begin
  • Added new graphics indicating the winner of a tournament in the Available Tournaments / Previous Tournaments pages

  • Redesigned the Captcha's layout and graphics to address some potential scripting issues

Shrine Corruption

Once per day, at a randomized time, one virtue shrine in the world will become Corrupted

Corrupted Shrines have unique graphics and will feature 10 sequential waves of increasingly difficult creatures spawn nearby

A progress bar will appear near a Corrupted Shrine showing which wave the Corruption is currently on

When all 10 waves of creatures have been defeated, a randomized Shrine Boss will spawn at the location

When the Shrine Boss is defeated, it will not have standard loot on it's corpse, and instead will distribute "Ankh Tokens" to players based on their total damage dealt to it (by players as well as their followers)

Every player that deals at least 2.5% of the Shrine Boss' hit points in damage (750 hit points) will receive 1 Skill Mastery Scroll
Players will receive between 1 to 40 Ankh Tokens (1 token per 2.5% of the boss' total health the player dealt as damage)
If players are more than 48 tiles away from the Shrine Boss when it dies, that player's Ankh Tokens will be placed on the Shrine Boss' corpse, but can only be lifted from the corpse by that player

Players may double-click an Ankh Token in their backpack to receive a randomized reward

If players do not finish killing the creature waves or the Shrine Boss itself, it will remain in place until players do so (it will not "despawn")

Town Criers
  • Town Criers will now appear in towns and give notice of upcoming automated events as well as manual events

Server Region Bonuses
  • At the start of every week a series of Server Region Bonuses will be put in place for 3 seperate Dungeons as well as for 3 Separate Towns
  • All players receive the bonuses offered for each region while inside that region, and the bonus amounts will stack with any other potential region bonuses that are possible (such as from Guild Favors)
  • Players can view which Server Region Bonuses are currently in place by double-clicking the Region Bonus Banner next to Town Criers in town

Dungeon Bonuses are as follows:
Gold Loot Increase
Skill Gain Increase (does not include Taming, Crafting, Harvesting)
Special Item Loot Chance (such as Arcane Scrolls, Aspect Cores, Skill Mastery Orbs, etc)

Town Bonuses are as follows:
Exceptional Quality Crafting Chance
Special Skillgain (Taming, Crafting, Harvesting only)
Vendor Rebate (reduces cost of NPC-bought items)

Guild Levels, Guild Favors, and Guild Symbols

Guilds can earn Prestige by having it's members accomplish tasks, and for every 100 Prestige earned, a guild will increase it's Guild Level by 1
There is no cap to a guild's maximum level
A Guild's Server Rank is how their guild's Total Prestige amount they have earned compares to other guilds on the server

Guilds earn prestige when any of its members do the following:

Kill a Mini-Boss: 4 Prestige Points
Kill a Shrine Boss: 6 Prestige Points
Kill a Boss: 8 Prestige Points
Kill an Event Boss: 100 Prestige Points
Participate in a Faction Struggle Victory: 5 Prestige Points
Participate in a Faction Struggle Loss: 3 Prestige Points
Complete an Achievement: 15 Prestige Points (this amount is divided by the number of "active" players in the guild)
Complete a Society Job: 2 Prestige Points (this amount is divided by the number of "active" players in the guild)

Guild Favors

When a guild increases its level, it earns a randomized Guild Favor
Guild Favors are temporary bonuses the guild can activate to provide a specific bonus to all members of the guild for a limited duration (these bonuses will stack with any Server Region Bonuses as well)
Guilds can activate unused Guild Favors by clicking the "View Favors" button on the Guild Overview Page and then selecting a particular unused favor from the Guild Favor Page

Guilds may only have 3 Guild Favors activated at any given time
Some Guild Favors will only apply to certain regions of the world, or against certain creature types
Guild Favors come in the variety of different rarity levels, with more rare favors granting larger bonuses but having shorter durations

Guilds can view their currently activated Guild Favors from the Guild Overview page of the Guild Gump
Additional, players can also view any currently Activated Guild Favors on the Region Bonus Banner next to each Town Crier by clicking on the Guild Favor button of that window

Guild Favors come in the following rarity levels:

Common: 3 Day Duration
Uncommon: 2 Day Duration
Rare: 1 Day Duration

Guild Favor Effects can be as follows:

Increased Gold Loot for Region
Increased Skillgain for Region
Increased Damage against Bosses (includes Mini-Bosses, Shrine Bosses, Bosses, and Event Bosses)
Reduced Damage Taken from Bosses (includes Mini-Bosses, Shrine Bosses, Bosses, and Event Bosses)
Increased Damage against Beastial Creatures
Increased Damage against Construct Creatures
Increased Damage against Daemonic Creatures
Increased Damage against Elemental Creatures
Increased Damage against Humanoid Creatures
Increased Damage against Monstrous Creatures
Increased Damage against Nature Creatures
Increased Damage against Undead Creatures
Increased Damage in Region
Reduced Damage Taken in Region
Increased Rare Item Loot Chance in Region
Increased Harvest Yield Chance (chance to harvest 2x normal resources)
Increased Crafting Exceptional Quality Chance in Region
Increased Special Skillgain (Taming, Crafting, Harvesting)
Vendor Rebate in Region

If a creature is killed by members of two or more different guilds, each having active Guild Favor bonuses to either Gold Loot Amounts or Item Chances, the highest value bonus among the guilds involved will be used for determining the gold bonus / item chance bonus

Guild Symbols

  • When a guild increases its level, it earns a randomized Guild Symbol
  • A guild's symbol appear in a variety of in-game gumps (such as in Faction Struggle Results, Housing, Arena Player Profiles, etc)
  • Players may change their guild's displayed Guild Symbol from the second page of the Guild Overview gump by clicking the Edit button and using the arrow buttons to scroll between Unlocked symbols

Societies System

Each week, players will be able accept and complete jobs from six different "Societies"

Societies are as follows

Adventurer Lodge
Artificer Enclave

Monster Hunter Society
Order of Armorers
Seafarers League
Tradesman Union

Players can view a Society Job Board which lists jobs available for each society by approaching that society's respective Master, located at the Society House in Prevalia (northeast of the bank), and saying "Job", "Jobs", "Society", or "Society Jobs" near them
Players may also shift-click for a context menu to select Jobs as well

Players may accept up to 10 Society Jobs per week per account, which can be from any combination of different Societies
When players complete Society Jobs, they earn Reward Points within that specific Society that can be used to purchase unique items
Progress towards any Society Job is shared by all characters on a player's account
Reward Points in each society are also shared across a player's account as well
Jobs that are available each week from each society are the same for all players on the server, and multiple players may accept and complete the same job without restriction

Players can view a Society Overview of their status within each society by typing [Jobs, [Society, [Societies, or [SocietyJobs
Players may also access their Society Overview by clicking Paperdoll -> Help -> Societies

On the Society Overview players can see how many total reward points they have earned and available to spend within each society, as well as view their server rank compared to other players (based on total reward points earned)
Players may click the button next to each Society in the Society Overview gump to view the Society Jobs Overview page where they can see all jobs that they have currently accepted and their current progress towards them

Players may toggle the "Track" button next to a job to change whether they receive system message updates on their progress toward that specific job's completion
Any creature that has an associated job requiring a paragon-version of that creature to be killed, will have its chance to spawn in the world as a paragon increased by 100% of the normal chance during that week

When players complete a job issued from a Society, they earn Reward Points within that individual Society, which can be used to purchase functional as well as decorative items (many of these items are unique to that specific society)
Players may click the Spend Points button on either the Society Overview Page for a player or while browsing a Society Job Board

At the start of a week, all society jobs are reset and randomly regenerated for each society, and any existing ones players had currently still in progress are forfeited

There are six different societies with the following job types:

Adventurer Lodge
Locking Dungeon Chests (total number of chest levels)
Lockpicking Dungeon Chests of Specific Level
Lockpicking Dungeon Chests in Specific Region
Lockpicking Paragon Chests
Taming Specific Creatures
Taming Creatures in Specific Region
Completing Treasure Maps of Specific Level
Completely Resource Maps

Artificer Enclave
Crafting Alchemy or Inscription Items
Crafting Exceptional Quality Inscription Item

Monster Hunter Society
Killing Mini-Bosses
Killing Shrine Bosses
Killing Bosses
Killing Paragons
Killing Specific Creature Type
Killing Paragon of Specific Creature Type
Killing Creatures in Specific Region
Killing Paragons in Specific Region
Killing Creatures in Specific Slayer Group
Killing Paragons in Specific Slayer Group

Order of Armorers
Crafting Blacksmithing or Tailoring Items
Crafting Exceptional Quality Blacksmithing or Tailoring Items
Crafting Blacksmithing or Tailoring Items With Specific Material Type
Crafting Exceptional Quality Blacksmithing or Tailoring Items With Specific Material Type

Seafarer League
Sink Doubloon Value Worth of Ships
Sink Paragon Ships
Sink Doubloon Value Worth of Ships From Specific Faction
Sink Ships of Specific Size
Kill Doubloon Value Worth of Enemy Crewmembers While Boarding
Kill Doubloon Value Worth of Enemy Crewmembers From Specific Faction While Boarding
Use Special Fishing Nets
Complete Special Fishing Spots
Complete Messages in Bottles
Catch Specific Fish Types

Tradesman Union
Crafting Carpentry or Tinkering Items
Crafting Exceptional Quality Carpentry or Tinkering Items
Crafting Carpentry or Tinkering Items With Specific Material Type
Crafting Exceptional Quality Carpentry or Tinkering Items With Specific Material Type


Paragon Ships
  • NPC Ships now have the potential to spawn as Paragon Ships
  • A paragon ship has a 100% bonus to Hit Points, Sail Points, and Gun Points as well as +25% cannon accuracy, +25% reload speed, and +20% movement speed
  • Paragon ships always have one lesser ability, one regular ability, and one greater ability installed
  • The captain of a paragon ship is always a paragon themselves
  • The doubloon value of a paragon ship is increased by 100% and the hold of a paragon ship will always have a paragon chest inside
  • Paragon ships will appear as purple (both in text and ship icon) in the Spyglass Ship Results tracking menu

  • Ships cannot attempt to dock while they have a Ship Bomb currently placed on their ship

Ship Construction Costs are now as follows:

Small Ship / Small Dragonship
1500 Boards / 150 Iron Ingots / 100 Cloth

Medium Ship / Medium Dragonship
2000 Boards / 200 Iron Ingots / 200 Cloth

Large Ship / Large Dragonship
2500 Boards / 250 Iron Ingots / 250 Cloth

1 Board Commodity / 500 Iron Ingots / 500 Cloth

2 Board Commodities / 1000 Iron Ingots / 1000 Cloth

Animal taming
  • Skill Gain Difficulty increased by 25%

  • Added Potion Keg (Complete) crafting entry to create potion kegs without building required parts

Creature AI Movement
  • Creatures inside houses will not destroy any items blocking their movement path
  • Tamed / Summoned creatures outside of houses will not destroy any lockable containers (such as Paragon Chests) blocking their movement path
  • Non-tamed creatures outside of houses will rummage any lockable containers blocking their movement path (and will be added to their corpse upon death)

  • Guildmembers and Partymembers can now do harmful actions (including looting) to Young players in their guild/party while in the New Player Dungeon

Explosion Potions
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't use explosion potions in stacks

  • Fixed an issue where Passive Taming Skillgain Available could drop below 0
  • Fixed an issue with max container weights
  • Adjusted the rarity values for a number of Aquarium Creatures / Unique Fish
  • Tamed Mounts will now automatically have their abandonment timer reset constantly while mounted by a player
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