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PATCH PvM Testing Patch 9-10-18


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Patch Notes

  • All Tabs within the Paperdoll -> Help -> Outlands Help Page now have a corresponding [command that players can type to access it
  • Reorganized the Commands tab of the Outlands Help Page and added entries for all Outlands Help Pages

Hamstring PvP Mechanic
  • When a player successfully Disarms another player, if the attacking player also has at least 80 Anatomy, they will also Hamstring the defending player
  • A player who is Hamstrung will have their stamina reduced to zero for 3 seconds (forcing them to "walk")
  • Players who are Hamstrung will not regenerate stamina and cannot use Refresh Potions or eat food to regain stamina
  • After 3 seconds have expired, the Hamstrung player's stamina returns to its previous value
  • As a reminder, players can only be disarmed (and therefore hamstrung) at most once every 30 seconds

Tamed Creature Damage to Players
  • Implemented a Tamed Creature PvP Damage Scalar mechanic that can be set for individual creature types
  • Default value will be 50%, but will eventually be adjusted for various creatures (to balance them for PvP)
  • Players can view the Tamed Creature PvP Damage Scalar for creatures in the Animal Lore gump at the top of the Abilities Page

Player Damage to Tamed Creatures
  • Player Melee damage against tamed creatures is now 1.5x of normal damage (previously was 2.0x)
  • Player Spell damage against tamed creatures is now 2.0x of normal damage (previously was 3.0x)
  • Explosion Potion damage to tamed creatures reduced to 1.5x normal damage (previously was 3.0x)

Tamable Creatures
  • Imps, Aegis Imps, and Searing Imps are now 1 control slot creatures (and taming requirements adjusted)
  • Infernal Underlings and Aegis Underlings renamed to Fire Minions and Aegis Minions respectively
  • Added Minions (to Pulma) and Shadow Minions (to The Mausoleum)
  • Minions, Fire Minions, Aegis Minions, and Shadow Minions are now tamable 1 control slot melee-mage creatures
  • Stats, skills, and abilities for Minions, Fire Minions, Aegis Minions, and Shadow Minions will be balanced and updated shortly (we will also soon be conducting a rebalance for tamed creatures skill 100-120 and for pvp balancing)

Female Armor
  • Changed all female chest armor pieces to use the "Shirt" layer to allow for additional outer layer clothing to be worn on top of them

  • Added a new rule for duels and tournaments that allows players to toggle whether Precasting Greater Heal is allowed in matches ("Precasting" is when a player casts a spell, equips a weapon, and holds the spell cursor's up and uses it later)
  • Default setting for Precasting Greater Heal is "Not Allowed"
  • If Precasting Greater Heal is not allowed for a match, a player's Greater Heal spell will automatically be canceled the moment they equip a weapon (and they will receive a system message notifying them as such)

Faction Struggles
  • Added Admin ability to reset a Faction Struggle that is currently underway
  • Added Admin ability to delay an upcoming Faction Struggle

  • Players will no longer flag as Green to members in their same party
  • If a player has "Allow Party Members to Loot Corpse" toggled, their corpse will appear as Green to other party members

Guild Invitations
  • Fixed an issue where a player could be issued multiple invitations to the same guild

Spellbooks and Spell Scrolls
  • Added context menu entry on spellbooks to "Add All Spell Scrolls" which attempts to fill the spellbook from all spell scrolls in a player's backpack
  • Added context menu entry on spell scrolls to "Add to All Spellbooks" which will attempt to fill all spellbooks in the player's backpack from the selected scroll or stack of scrolls

Storage Locker
  • Fixed a handful of issues that was preventing property usage of Storage Lockers from player banks / ship holds

Slayer Wands
  • Added a system message when a player's cooldown use for Slayer Wands has expired
  • Added a Buff Bar icon displaying Slayer Wand cooldown time remaining

Stabled Creatures
  • Added another safety check to prevent stabled creatures from disappearing
  • Players can now say "stable all" near a stable master to automatically stable all of their tamed creatures

  • Players can now say "Dock", "Claim", "Ship", "Retrieve" near a Dockmaster while on a ship to dock their ship
  • Players can now say "Dock", "Claim", "Ship", "Retrieve" near a Dockmaster while on land to bring up the Ship Claim gump window

  • Ship-to-ship boarding maximum range increased from 2 to 4
  • Ship Tillermen will now announce when a ship has had its Sails or Guns reduced below 50% and boarding is now possible

  • Fixed an issue with recycling items that used both boards and ingots as resources (would previously grant x2 boards and no ingots)

Players can no longer recycle the following items:
  • Kindling
  • Shafts
  • Arrows
  • Bolts
  • Cannon Shot
  • Shield Dyes

Context Menu Entries
  • Added a large number of context entries for various mechanics and systems
  • Players must use the Outlands Patcher in order to see many of the new context menu entries

Notable new context menu entries include:

When Clicking On Self
Consider Sins
Show Hunger
Toggle Show Skillgain Chances
Invite Nearby Players to Party
Leave Party (if in party)
Renounce Young Player Status (if Young player)
View Arena Profile (if in Arena region)
Release All Followers (if have any)
Stable All Followers (if nearby a Stablemaster and has tamed followers)

When Clicking On Other Players
Focus Aggression (if player has Herding skill above 0)
Invite to Party
Invite to Guild
View Arena Profile (if in Arena region)

When Clicking On Creatures
Animal Lore
Tame (if tamable)
Focus Aggression (if player has Herding skill above 0)
Stable (if tamed and nearby a Stablemaster)
All Tamed / Summoned Command Orders (including "Patrol", "Move")

Weapons / Armor / Spellbooks / Instruments
Arms Lore

Apply Lethal Poison (if player has potion in pack)
Apply Deadly Poison (if player has potion in pack)
Apply Greater Poison (if player has potion in pack)
Apply Regular Poison (if player has potion in pack)
Apply Lesser Poison (if player has potion in pack)

Aspect Gear Item
Recharge Aspect Item (if item is at less than full arcane charges)
Recharge All Aspect Gear


Claim (if on land)
Dock (if on a ship)

Society Masters
Society Job

Add All Spell Scrolls

Spell Scrolls
Add to All Spellbooks

Add All in Backpack to Tome

Storage Shelf / Storage Locker

Aspect Gear
Aspect Gear should no longer break when hitting 0 Durability
Players can now convert Masks, Neckwear (Scarves / Neckerchiefs), and Restyled Leather Caps (as Hats) into Aspect Gear Armor

  • Fixed an issue where certain Artisan Clothing items made from tailoring were not adopting the color of the cloth used
  • Fixed an issue where Rare Cloth could not be separated from it's stack
  • Reduced the cloth amounts and Mastercrafting Diagrams required for Artisan Clothing items crafted with tailoring
  • Reduced the amount of Aspect Distillation needed for creating Aspect Cloth with tailoring
  • Made a number of female-only clothing available to both males and females
  • Changed the layer used on a number of clothing items
  • Fixed the handling on recycling of certain rare-cloth made items
  • Renamed a handful of new clothing items
  • Removed Elk Mask and Raven Mask

Masks and Neckwear
  • All masks are now treated as GM-quality exceptional leather caps
  • All neckwear (Scarves and Neckerchiefs) are treated as GM-quality exceptional leather gorgets and can be blessed with a Clothing Bless Deed
  • Masks and neckwear can now be dyed with dye tubs or Headwear Dyes
  • All Hats, Masks, Neckwear, and Restyled Leather Caps can now be blessed with a Clothing Bless Deed
  • Facemask item now occupies the "Ring" layer (and can be worn with both headgear and neckwear simultaneously)

Headwear Dyes
  • Renamed "Mask Dyes" to Headwear dyes
  • Headwear dyes (such as Air Aspect Headwear Dye) can now be used on Hats, Masks, Neckwear, and Restyled Leather Caps

Tome Handling
  • Fixed several issues with the handling of add items to Spell Scroll, Skill Mastery, Treasure Map, Fishing Map, Lumber Map, Ore Map, and Skinning Map tomes
  • Fixed several gump button issues for tomes

Epic Skill Mastery Scrolls
  • Created Epic Skill Mastery Scroll item
  • Using an Epic Skill Mastery Scroll increases a player's skill cap for all individual skills by 1 (individual max skill cap is still 120)

Achievement Rewards
  • Added Epic Skill Mastery Scroll to reward list
  • Added Travel Lantern to reward list
  • Added Spell Scroll Tome, Skill Mastery Scroll Tome, Treasure Map Tome to reward list
  • Added Fishing Map Tome, Lumber Map Tome, Ore Map Tome, and Skinning Map tome to reward list

Skill Mastery Orbs
  • Fixed an issue with some players being unable to use a Skill Mastery Orb while at 700 total skill cap

Runebooks and Rune Tomes
  • Runebooks and Rune Tomes now require 0 Magery to cast Recall from
  • Runebook and Rune Tomes now require 50 Magery to cast Gate from
  • Rune Tomes can now only be blessed with a Rune Tome Bless Deed

Prevalian Stylist
  • Added an NPC Stylist that players may use to change their name and appearance (requires Prevalia Coins, our donation currency)
  • Added a large number of new Hair Styles and Facial Hair types for players to apply

Prevalian Market Merchant
  • Added Rune Tome Bless Deed which costs 100,000 gold
  • Runebook Bless Deeds now cost 50,000 gold

Magic Reflect and Reactive Armor
  • Players may not recast Magic Reflect or Reactive Armor while an existing effect is still in place
  • Players now have a 30 second cooldown to recast Magic Reflect and Reactive Armor once an existing effect of those type has ended
  • Players will now receive a system message when their Reactive Armor spell has ended

Taste ID Herbal Poultice
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes wouldn't receive the bonuses from a nearby player creating an herbal poultice with Taste ID

Buff Bar Icons and Special Ability Effects
  • Updated display names for most buff icons
  • Added a new Buff Icon for slayer wand usage cooldown
  • Fixed an issue with Magic Reflection icon disappearing whenever Reactive Armor effect ended

Dye Tubs
  • Players can now dye clothing currently worn
  • Players when using a Dye Tub can now click on themselves to dye all dyable clothing currently worn at once

Explosion Potions
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to damage (and flag against) non-Blue targets with explosion potions in town

Dispel Field Spell
  • Dispelling a player-casted moongate will now dispel both gates (origin and destination)

Ghost Gates
  • Ghost Gates should now work as intended

  • Arms Lore can now be used on items up to 12 tiles away (previous was distance 2)
  • Fixed an issue with Dart Traps in Darkmire Temple not working correctly
  • Fixed an issue where using a mount token would display the text overhead publically
  • Locksmith Training Box weight changed to 5 stones
  • Corpser Purger's ability listing should now show as Giant Corpse Barrage instead of Giant Fire Barrage
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I would say doubling down on Arms Lore with Disarm (PvM + PvP, plus increased weapon special procs) and Hamstring is going to pigeonhole the ability. Dexxers would have no reason not to take it; it gives them disarms against other dexxers and a slow. Throw on Parry and you've got a well-rounded template for both PvP and PvM without any considerations to be made.

Additionally, Archery and Wrestling should be exempt from this ability.
I'm a big fan of this change, but tying it exclusively to Arms Lore does do exactly what Dewd explains above. Arms Lore is now essential on a dexxer. You've got disarm for 1v1, and 'hamstring' for groups.

Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing I'll leave for others to decide - it does kind of kill the Poison/Taste ID template.
Apply Lethal Poison (if player has potion in pack)
Apply Deadly Poison (if player has potion in pack)
Apply Greater Poison (if player has potion in pack)
Apply Regular Poison (if player has potion in pack)
Apply Lesser Poison (if player has potion in pack)

Loving this addition