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Questions for Upcoming Developer Debrief

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Everybody loves talking about tamers. We love to be tamers. And we love to hate tamers.

Could you give us your vision for UO Outlands and taming vs. other templates in PvE.

Eveyrone equates power to your gold per hour for farming in PvE. Will tamers always be the kings of PvE? Will bards/dexxers and summoners ever be able to match their raw damage and efficiency in PvE?

I think this helps us that play tamers, those of us thinking of tamers, and those of us that would love to play other templates plan out their time and training.

Thank you for an amazing shard!
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Thanks for the opportunity to be able to ask questions. It's really awesome to see the admin/developers of the project reach out to players and offer an insight to whats going on behind the scenes.

I have two questions that I've listed below:

  1. Do you see additional house deco being made available in the future, specifically things like paintings and rugs?
And just a general administration related question..
  1. With regards to tweaks, changes and nerfs... do staff ever make slight changes to combat related things like weapon hit ratio chance without announcing in patch notes, or are these types of changes always made public to the player base?

To say I'm enjoying and am entrenched in the shard is an understatement. I appreciate everything so far, thanks.
Are there any plans to address Aspect / Pet leveling in the newbie dungeon? Same question for being able to gather high-end hides (and maybe other things I'm not aware of). My first Valehide skin actually came in Newbie Dungeon when my newbie dexxer crashed & died - brought a trained char in to rez & rescue, skinned corpses out of habit & was totally shocked to see the bright blue leathers on a corpse.



Any ETA on when the Outlands client is going to be released? Any info about this topic would be appreciated.

Also, what do you think about taming and pets above 100? Isn't something wrong when 100-90 (looking at you snowdrifts/husk crabs) pets are more efficient than 120 pets?
Any plans for the higher end ships (carrack and galleon) to have a bless time like aspect armor? You lose much more having a ship sunk than wearing blessed aspect. My fear of sailing is not players, or pirates, but my internet disconnecting. I think the lower ships should be treated like player created armor, where it is disposable (Although quite expensive) and a large ship would be sufficient to still be able to play the pirate game while you wait for your ship to be reblessed

2. I have an issue with pet commands on ships using 'all kill' , the target cursor never comes up a lot of the time. If I manually click the pet and issue a command through the drop down menu, that seems to work but 'all kill' has issues a lot of the time

3. Is there any way to clear corpses off your deck? With corpses , crew, cannons, sails, and everything else on a ship, it's hard to pull targets sometimes with cntrl shift

1. Not working correctly, sometimes you do not get the guaranteed creature spawn
2. Just doesn't seem very profitable for the time invested.
Fishing spots
1. Is there any way to tie fishing spots Discovery distance with the eyeglass with fishing skill? Spots are very hard to find sometimes and since you can't actively fish while sailing (you are to far away from your cast), I spend most of my time looking for spots than actually throwing nets.

2. Could fishing spots have a higher skill gain chance to encourage active fishing rather than macroing?

3. Resource maps
Fishing resource maps are very underwhelming, I think the difference in low maps and high maps is about 20 casts. Maybe have a chance for a MiB or special fishing net or a Seafarer society fish deed that could be used in lieu of the rare quest fish for that week

General question:
Is there a way to get general calculations for skills and how damage works?

  • Damage bonus for Backstab attack ranges from +450% to +1000%, scaled based on weapon speed
  • Backstab damage is further scaled by (Stealth Skill / 100%)
Using a heavy crossbow at 100 archery/tactics/100 camping self buff/tracking 120 stealth, sometimes I backstab for less than 200.
  • Is the scaling a fixed % based off weapon speed or range?

How does hinder and disarm calculate into the backstab calculation for example:
  • Assuming 100 weapon damage and 1000% backstab scale: (100* (1000% Backstab scaling) * 150% (Hinder success) * 125% (Disarm) = 1875
  • Assuming 100 weapon damage roll and 1000% backstab scale: (100* (1000% Backstab scaling) + 100 Weapon damage * 150% (Hinder success) + 100 Weapon damage * 125% (Disarm) = 1275
  • Assuming 100 weapon damage and 1000% backstab scale: (100* (1000% Backstab scaling) + 87 Weapon damage roll * 150% (Hinder success) + 84 Weapon damage damage roll * 125% (Disarm) = 1235.5
Aspect gear changes:
Any plans to reduce bless time to 1. 20 hours or 2. set time of day that blessings refresh?

  • 1. If you lose your blessing at the end of your play window (Most people have set play windows) , you will not be able to use it again for 2 days. I think -4 hours is a reasonable change
  • 2. This could encourage some PvP with aspect gear near the reset window (Could be fun?)
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An issue I've noticed since I started, is sometimes when I target a mob's lifebar with a disco attempt, I get the message "target cannot be seen" despite being right next to me. Other times, less often, it will instead use the disco song that increases dmg resistance. I use razor if that helps any.
Can resource maps be generated from the resource gathering skill the same way that seeds are? That way resource maps profits are tied into the actual gatherers themselves rather than outside sources, which is particularly displayed when you see the current economical standpoint that resource maps are only worth what they are given, ie 80 val ingots x (market price) = cost of map, there is no money to be made from the miner.
Since pets are so weak that tamers aren't really viable without an additional damage skill such as fencing, would you consider making the taming skill grind less grueling?
What is the team's plan for this year in regards to tameable creatures, such as introducing new traits/abilities that could encourage a diversity of viable pet combos?
about of sea content (MiB, FMaps, Doubloons)
there was a short answer that everything depends on Luthius

we can only wait, because a lot of players who are unhappy with the situation, can still be some changes
Right now Bards are not viable (solo) for end game content (daemon tier levels), compared to summoners and tamers. Even as Aspect 10, Bards can't peace daemons consistently versus a Aspect 0 Tamer. Any plans to buff bards?
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