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(Rescheduled) First Official 1v1 Arena Tournament - Saturday, January 26th at 3pm EST


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Congratulations to our winners!

1st place - AXEL
2nd place - CHOPPA X

3rd place - ANCIENT ALIEN



Hear ye! Hear ye! The (Rescheduled) First Official 1v1 Arena Tournament of the Outlands will take place on Saturday, January 26th at 3pm EST! We have even doubled down on our prize money (and yes it is REAL MONEY!)...

1st Place - $500
2nd Place - $250
3rd Place - $100

The Tournament will be livestreamed on Twitch by Expo! If you are not a duelist, you are still encouraged to come and witness this grand event!

Please note that only one entrant per player is allowed.
Players must sign up at the Arena Stone BEFORE the Tournament begins!


Tournament Ruleset:


Arena Templates:
Participants will be able to set Arena Templates to theorycraft, customize and test their skills. This feature will remain live after the tournament for all players to use as well!


First Place - $500 plus a Character Statue and Engraved Nameplate on Champion's Row
Second Place - $250
Third Place - $100
All Participants will receive a unique collectable card as well!



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