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Resource Calculator for Society Jobs

Bored at work and started scribbling maths. Here is the formula to estimate total resources required for your society jobs so you can plan on how many valorite ingots you're going to have to "borrow" from your miner friend. This assumes you recycle everything.

TOTAL = (x/(z/100))+(((y-1)/2)*(x/(z/100)))

x = cost per item (boards/ingots/etc)
y = total items to craft
z = success chance
TOTAL will be the expected average cost in materials if z < 100

40 exceptional war forks (with 40% chance to craft exceptional)
TOTAL = (8/(.4))+((19.5)*(8/(.4)))
TOTAL = (20) + (390)
TOTAL = 410 ingots (with 4 left over after you recycle the last item)

Do not use with tinker items that require an odd number or resources (like pickaxes need 5 ingots and recycling will yield 2 ingots instead of 2.5)