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Resurrection Fees Paid as Bounty

To be honest, repentance is a business transaction for reds, when fees start to rise too much, they repent, take a 3 day vacation, and come back and slaughter again.

I'd like to see repentance (if it's going to stay), become meaningful - repent counts are kept, and multiplied against the total gold count when you die, something of that nature, as it is right now, no one is "repenting", they are just reducing their fees so they can continue to afford the nefarious path they play on.

Personally, I think the system is flawed because when you die, you erase your short term counts, which basically means the system can be abused by killing yourself with another account. On top of that you can erase your long term through repentance. Have one mechanic or the other.. As @Farlander I think stated, get rid of short term counts. If you die, you lose no counts, therefore killing yourself has no meaning, only repentance does, and as long as that cost is meaningful, the system should work.
I hate the repent system here. It should only allow you to repent once, not over and over.

Lets get rid of the long term count fee, it makes no sense. You should have to pay for each kill you've made since the last time you died and paid (short terms) and the way its currently set up you HAVE to repent and start over again once you get to triple digits or be forced to pay 3-5k per rezz even if you're rezz killed. Repent should only be an option for those trying to go blue, not for reds to reduce our penalty in a broken system.
I agree having a friend kill you to get the fee would be meaningless, so not really abusable. It seems what we're talking about , though, is increasing the incentive for people to hunt down reds.

Right now there's a small monetary reward of 25%, but the real motivation comes from the satisfaction of killing a red.

You don't do it for the cabbage.
Ok someone asked what my idea was to curb pking. So let me sum up this idea into what I had in mind.

Create a true bounty system. I see no other way to solve the problem without just creating Trammel. So in another's words you must make it a business decision. A player chooses to go red it is not forced upon you. As such you have that choice if you want to take the gamble. Let's be honest being red is a financial decision of sorts as well because each kill nets you a gain. Why shouldn't killing you be your loss and someone else' gain as well. Blues lose gold to you, you can lose gold to blues :)

The system:
  1. Remove the short/long term murder system and replace it with just murder count tracking.
  2. Only reduce murder counts by repenting of your sins, at which time you pay your total resurrection fee to the system.
  3. Keep the resurrection fee idea. I love that and it was brilliant. Each murder ups your count and a fee is attached to each count as it is now. I think it should be a minimum of 100 gp per murder.
  4. Each time someone kills a red they must pay 100% of their resurrection fee to the one who delivered the killing blow. This money is transferred from their bank to the bounty hunters bank. Since this gold is not generated by the system there can't be any exploiting. The pk actually pays their own bounty.
  5. When you see a red their bounty amount flags along with their name. That way everyone knows how much you are worth.
  6. If at any point a player wants to go blue again (other than in combat) they can repent of their sins and pay their resurrection fee to the system. At which point all the normal rules apply with the current system with regards to flagging and such. So even if you manage to run the gauntlet and not have your bounty collected you at least must pay your fee once. That way pks will consider twice before attacking someone not worth the kill.

I also feel that if someone chooses to go red, they made that choice and the game should not give them allowances to turn off their penalties. What I mean by this is they are exempt from being red for faction fighting. Why? They made the choice knowing full well they couldn't go into town. They also know there are res fees and they flag blue healers. Also for upcoming guild wars they shouldn't flag as orange to their guild mates. They are red to the world and anyone healing them flags grey. It was a choice they made to go red and should suffer ALL penalties that come with it. Why are things being made easier for them to function as red?

Murderers and thieves are anti-social game styles. In the real world as many like to point out it does exist. However, in the real world their are severe consequences. Most of the world delivers capital punishment for murder. Would you rather your character enter hardcore mode and receives perma death once going red? That would be real world justice.

I think creating a bounty system would at the very least cause blues to be more interested in hunting reds which in turn would make reds be hunted just as they hunt their victims. It would also create a bounty board which adds some flavor to the game. Making going red a financial decision aligns with what they gain from kills. They get financial gains killing blues so of course it is a financial decision. If it just about the thrill of killing blues then they are just being antisocial and should suffer penalties for their behavior.
Do we need to curb pking? I'm here as a blue because I want to dodge pks. It's fun. Like Pac man.

Right now if you kill a red you get a small cash bonus along with whatever they're carrying. Sounds like good motivation. Am I wrong? Do people not want to kill reds now?
If the reds were hunted as much as blues then they would have to dodge blues as well. I don't know what time of the day you play and how many pks are online but I had 4 different pks chase me in 4 different parts of the world all within an hour's time. I'd love to have the devs pull the numbers on pks again because I would expect that ratio of players/murderers to be up from the last time it was polled. I don't mind dodging pks from time to time but when I can't literally do anything outside a town without a red chasing me then I perceive a problem.

Blues suffer sometimes huge losses from being murdered. Why not have reds suffer the same huge losses. It's the exact other side of the same coin. I'm suspecting here as usual you are a red just not wanting something put into place that might actual make you work for a payday off a blue.
Blues suffer sometimes huge losses from being murdered. Why not have reds suffer the same huge losses. It's the exact other side of the same coin. I'm suspecting here as usual you are a red just not wanting something put into place that might actual make you work for a payday off a blue.
I think one thing many are overlooking is the fact that reds can & do suffer huge losses, they run their counts up, then get hit with a huge rez fee when they die, whether to a mob or another person. Penalties don't cap, they could get hit with a 20k penalty... This could happen quickly in succession.. Which is why you see multiple reds repenting, every single night... While I don't think that 20k is breaking their bank, because I assume they've farmed much more off of blues, the reality is when a blue dies and loses 10k to a PK, they've likely banked 100k in between too. And that's where I think the repentance system is broken, it's far too easy to walk away from your crimes and start them all over again.

With that said, I don't think it benefits the conversation by always exaggerating the sides that only prove our/your own point. Sometimes blues lose next to nothing when PK'd, sometimes PK's pay a fortune when they die.. The question is - what is the average lost on both sides? Are reds actually making bank off of the interactions? And only the devs can answer that. They've increased penalties once, because they felt they weren't high enough - perhaps it needs to be looked at again, perhaps they have looked at it. Hopefully a thread like this will get them to look at it, and see if things shouldn't be tweaked. But I certainly don't think raising fees is the answer, I think the system in general is broken, when a PK can just walk away from their crimes so easily.. I'd take lower initial fees, if they couldn't wipe them out - and then eventually they'd have to decide if it's worth it to keep running up their counts, or to make a new character.