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Shrine information NPC

Can we get something or someone in towns or a town, that will announce when shrines will be happening that day?
Is it supposed to be a secret? I kinda feel like its a secret atm.
Cant it still be random, but give a warning when its gonna happen? Like in 30 minutes, there will be a shrine corrupt. or something that doesnt make it so I only get to do my favorite thing here once a week, if im lucky enough to be online when it happens?
Bells and whistles? Multiple warnings in case I miss one when im going to the bathroom?

I dont like missing them. Any suggestions on how to make it to more of them?
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I guess I dont understand why its a big secret?
Made it to one shrine in the last month. ONE!?

I assure you I tried to make it every single day, but mostly didnt even know they were happening on the times I was actually playing, or just missed them, because I had no idea it was coming. Could have stayed, didnt want to no life it though in hopes it would happen? Is that wrong?
I feel your pain, the last one I was at, was probably a month ago, for a person who seems to play about 3-5 hours a night, I've only managed to attend about 6 of them, mostly because I hear they fall during they day when I'm at work, however a couple of nights ago, one fell when I stepped away for dinner, and by the time I came back like 30 min later, it was already done - frustrating to say the least.. Of course there are a ton of other activities in the game, especially if you are looking for some PvP, since that's what Shrines are becoming anyways!