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Simplistic/Fun Solution to PK problem

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I see text quoted and replied to. But I have no clue wtf you are saying.. except for the end where you keep saying "bountys don't work for that reason." ..
I'm not getting what reason? wtf am I missing here. It could be, because I'm tweaked out of my fcking mind from huffing paint chips. *shrugs

+1 to the person who noted that bounties should be paid only after Rez cost was paid, (to prevent cashing and deleting said char)...
although I think a better solution has always been to have the bounty price set by people who were pked. They get to declare how much of a price they want to put on their pkers head(upto a certain limit)

also yea I'll take the free bag of potions, weapon and armor as long as there all GM just bag em and leave them at my house

saying killing my own/friends red would be a net loss is wrong.

the gold to pay for ress is already lost. in his suggestion its a 50% ress discount if a red kills himself.
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