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Skill Mastery


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Skill Mastery

System Summary
  • Skill Mastery refers to the ability of players to increase their Total Skill Cap and Skill Cap for individual skills.
  • Starting Total Skill Cap for players is 700 points
  • Players may increase their Total Skill Cap up to 720 points through use of Skill Mastery Orbs
  • Skill Mastery Orbs increase the Total Skill Cap by 1 point
  • Individual skills have a starting Skill Cap of 100 points
  • Players may increase Individual Skill Caps for a variety of non-PvP skills up to 120 points through use of Skill Mastery Scrolls
  • Skill Mastery Scrolls increase an individual Skill Cap by 1 point

Players can view their Total Skill Cap and Individual Skill Caps at any time through the Skill Mastery tab on the Outlands Help Page

The Skill Mastery window displays a list of skills that can be improved via Skill Mastery Scrolls and for each skill shows:
  • Value: The player's current value in that skill
  • Cap: Their Skill Cap, i.e. the maximum skill reachable for that skill
At the bottom of the window it will also show:
  • Total Skills: The number of points the player has currently in all skills combined (not just skills improvable by Skill Mastery)
  • Total Skill Cap: The maximum number of points a player is allowed to have in all skills combined (not just skills improvable by Skill Mastery)

Skill Mastery Orb

In order to increase a player's Total Skill Cap, players use Skill Mastery Orbs

Each Skill Mastery Orb will raise a player's Total Skill Cap by 1 up to a maximum of 720 points.

Skill mastery orbs are rare items, but can be found from a variety of sources including on monsters, in treasure chests, as rewards from achievements, society rewards, and many other gameplay systems.

Double-clicking a Skill Mastery Orb will bring up the Skill Mastery window and will prompt the player to confirm consumption of the item.

After confirmation, the player's Total Skill Cap will increase by 1 and can be raised to a maximum of 720 points.

Skill Mastery Scroll

In order to raise the Skill Cap on individual skills, players use Skill Mastery Scrolls.
Each Skill Mastery Scroll has a particular skill it will increase, and each will raise that skill's cap for the player by 1 up to a maximum of 120 points.

Skill Mastery Scrolls are semi-rare items that can be found on monsters as well as rewards from most game mechanics.

Double clicking a Skill Mastery scroll will bring up the Skill Mastery Window and prompt the player to confirm consumption of the item.

In the window, light green text for skills and values represents skills that currently have had their Skill Cap raised above the normal 100 amount.

Dark green text shows the skill the Skill Mastery Scroll the player is using and what it's new amount will be after confirmation (also indicated with an up arrow and a +1)

Skill Mastery Scroll Library

Available as a Donation Shop item, Skill Mastery Scroll Libraries are convenient ways for players to organize and store Skill Mastery Scrolls they have collected but aren't ready to use.

Players may drop individual Skill Mastery Scrolls onto the library to add them, or they may click the Add All In Backpack into Library button to immediately drop all Skill Mastery Scrolls in their backpack into the library.

Clicking the button next to an individual skill listing will remove 1 Skill Mastery Scroll of that skill from the library and into the player's backpack.

If the Remove All Possible on Selection button is toggled, it will drop as many scrolls for that skill as possible into the player's backpack.

Players may also adjust the Locked Down Access Level of the library to allow for Everyone, Friends, Co-Owners, or Owners to be able to draw Skill Scrolls from the library while locked down. 

Regardless of the setting, all players will be able to drop Skill Mastery Scrolls into the library if locked down, however.

Sounds great. Only concern being that 6x120 templates end up far better than 7x100 templates (as in OSI in p16+)


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clx said:
Sounds great. Only concern being that 6x120 templates end up far better than 7x100 templates (as in OSI in p16+)
The workaround, in terms of balance, is that there are no PvP skills that can be raised above 100.
Can i do some thing like this??
120 Fishing
120 Mining
120 Carpentry
120 BS
120 Tinker
120 Lumberjacking
720 skill points summary..
Yes thats a valid template, you'll just need 120 skill scrolls and 20 skill balls.

120 Fishing
120 Mining
120 Carpentry
120 BS
120 Tinker
GM Lumberjack
This would also be a valid template that wouldn't require any skill balls, just the relevant skill scrolls.


Does the effective barding cap that music has on bard skills apply over 100? Just to be sure of future investments in proper order here..

So I would need 101 music in order for my 101 provo to be effective? All the way to 120?